Can interns work from home?

No. Interns must come in according to the assigned schedule.

What are the internship hours during the academic year?

You will work with your internship supervisor to agree upon a schedule to fulfill your hour minimum weekly commitment. In general they must be completed between 8:30am and 5:30pm, Monday-Friday. As part of these hours, you must attend a weekly 1 hour intern meeting at a time to be determined on a quarterly basis by all interns and the internship coordinator. We will work as a team to do our best to avoid conflicts with your extracurriculars, but ultimately expect this to be a priority that is second only to school.

Is this a paid internship?

Interns will be eligible to receive a performance-based monetary award at the conclusion of the internship.

I am an international student. May I still apply?

Yes, you are welcome to apply. However, we are only able to award stipends to those with a green card or who are a U.S. citizen.

Is housing provided?

No. We are unable to provide housing, and it is completely your responsibility to arrange for your own living situation.

Do I need a car?

Some positions require driving. This will be noted in the description if so.

Is the Asian Liver Center accessible by public transportation?

Yes. Our office is within biking distance of the Stanford campus and can be reached via the free Marguerite Shuttle MC line on the way to the Palo Alto Caltrain stop. 

I am in high school, may I apply?

No. This is a college internship, and you must have completed at least one full academic year of an undergraduate program.

I will be a college freshman this fall. May I apply?

No. You must have completed at least one full academic year of an undergraduate program by the time the internship begins.

If you are a student at Stanford, Team HBV at Stanford does offer a wonderfully mentored "frosh intern" program. For more information about Team HBV at Stanford, or their frosh intern program, go to teamhbv.stanford.edu.

Is this a college internship? How about graduate level?

Yes. This is an internship for undergraduate college students, and even recent graduates are encouraged to apply, but you should contact the respective position supervisor to ensure we can meet your program's needs. We have even tailored internships for doctoral and masters students at Stanford, UCLA, and UC Berkeley.

Are only Stanford students eligible to apply?

Any student who has completed at least one full academic year of an accredited undergraduate program may apply. However note that office hours are 8:30am-5:30pm, making the internship a challenge for students to complete their hours when commuting from other schools. Additionally all interns are required to attend a 1-hour weekly internship meeting at a time to be agreed upon by all interns and the internship coordinator. These meetings can potentially end as late as 9pm when public transportation is less frequent.

I'm spending a semester abroad, will be absent for a quarter, etc. Can I still intern during the academic year?

No. We require a commitment to the entire duration of the internship.

Can I apply to more than 1 internship?

Yes. You may apply to up to 3.