Alcides Viamontes Esquivel

I currently do network research at IceLab. I'm interested on organization and complexity, as reflected by graphs of connected entities. More precisely, I'm interested on how much is possible to know from a system just by knowing its parts and limited information about their relations.


Source code
All the source code appearing below is hosted in 
  • Fuzzy infomap is an approach that partitions networks using the map equation (see and the original map equation paper). You can download the most up to date code  here. To compile, you will need a C++ compiler supporting as much as possible from the C++0x standard; I use gcc/g++ 4.5.  SCons is used for compiling.
  • We have found ways of using, unmodified, the mutual information measure for overlapping communities. This is still a work in progress, and I'm only listing the code for people which is in much of a hurry. The code for that can be found here. To compile, you will need a recent ghc distribution (I use 6.12), Cabal and the data-structure libraries. The concrete instructions for compiling are included in the file how_to_compile.txt, inside the source distribution.