AlcheMystic Arts

I See Divinity

I See You Reflected In Me

I See The Universe Reflected In We

We are but Endless Reflections and Projections of Light

Facing Each Other

Embracing Each Other

Finding Connection In The Reflection

You Holding Me

Holding You


We Choose Love, We Choose Life, We Choose the Miracle of Existence

We Co-Create Existence

We Create for The Sake of Creation and The Joy That Comes from Its Contemplation.


Mother, Father God, Goddess, All That Is

Take Me Under Your Wing

Hold Me Close

As I Hold You

I Am Yours, You Are Mine

The Masculine, The Feminine, Dancing Together In The Endless Embrace of Form and Space.

 Ecstatic, Electric, Magnetic, Divine. 

Together We Dance…


We Dance To Love!

We Dance To Play!

We Dance to Create!

We Dance To Live!


I Am Yours, You Are Mine….


In Deep Love and Gratitude For Existence

For Co-Creation

And For The Masters Who Inspire Such Precious and Powerful Integration



Dedicated to The Angels and Guides who never fail to Aide in my Journey of Self Creation and Endless Transformation.   


Thank You


                                                                                                                                                                                            With Love.....