Specializing in: Transcription of qualitative research and ethnographic interviews.


Proofreading & Editing.


Who are we?  Conejo Loco Transcription is a small firm specializing in speedy and high-quality transcription of audio tapes into written form.  The majority of our clients are researchers and most of the work we do is transcription of qualitative research-based ethnographic interviews.  However, we welcome inquiries about any transcription project, including meetings or conferences.  With expertise in medical, legal and research method terminology, we strive to produce the most accurate transcriptions, with a quick turn-around time.  Conejo Loco also provides proofreading, copy editing, editorial services, and preparation of minutes. 

How do we work?   You email us an audio file, any format.  The file can be password protected or encrypted.  We will email you a Word document, which can also be encrypted or password protected for confidentiality purposes.  Alternatively, we accept regular cassette tapes, CD/DVDs, flash drives, or can download files from FTPs.  If you then want proofreading or editing of, for instance, the case studies or reports developed from your research, Conejo Loco offers those services, too, with the added benefit of familiarity with the transcripts.

NEW SERVICE:  We  can now convert your regular cassette tape into digital audio format for a small fee.

What does it cost?    Realizing that research budgets are often limited, especially in these difficult economic times, Conejo Loco is committed to providing the best transcription service at the lowest cost.  Our basic charge for a clear audiotape with two people speaking standard English, including time stamps and a one-time-through proofreading, is $1.70 per minute.   However, because of the number of factors involved  (the quality of the tape, the number of speakers) and your particular requirements (verbatim or edit for clarity, level of proofreading, turn-around time, etc.)  we work individually with each client to estimate costs.  Conejo Loco has a reputation for providing quality proofreading and formatting services that will reduce to a minimum the time your research group needs to spend cleaning the transcripts.  We also realize that some researchers may prefer a less perfect transcript  at a lower cost, and Conejo Loco can provide a "bare bones" transcription for even less than our basic charge.  Proofreading and editing services vary depending on the level of services.

How long does it take?  We strive to accommodate our clients.  Since we are a small firm, as much advance notice you can provide is best.  We schedule on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If you anticipate transcription needs in the future, it is advisable to contact us so that we can set aside work time for you during that period.

How do you reach us?   Conejo Loco is headquartered outside of Santa Fe, NM.  To contact us, please email 

Conejo Loco Transcription
Ellen Taylor, Owner
7 Avenida Vista Grande, B7
Santa Fe, NM  87508-9207