Chapter VII is a chapter of the Alabama Counseling Association (ALCA), which serves Bullock, Chambers, Clay, Coosa, Elmore, Lee, Macon, Montgomery, Randolph, Russell and Tallapoosa counties. 

ALCA is a state branch of the American Counseling Association.  ALCA is organized statewide into various Chapters and Divisions which reflect the professional and regional diversity of its members. In addition to membership in the overall state organization, ALCA members are expected to join their relevant Chapter and Divisions.  In so doing, members are offered a means by which they can be directly involved with the association.

Chapters are organized regionally by county. ALCA members are part of their respective Chapter by virtue of their physical address or location.  One’s particular Chapter is determined by the county he or she lives or works in. Individuals are automatically granted membership in their local Chapter when they join ALCA. Members are encouraged to get involved in ALCA locally through their Chapters. Chapters are a collection of professionally diverse members who share a common locale. The members of a particular Chapter, for example, may be school counselors, college counselors, mental health counselors, and agency counselors who, while being employed in a variety of settings, practice in the same geographic area or region of the state.

Membership in Chapter VII shall be open to any member of the Alabama Counseling Association whose county residence or place of employment lies within the geographic boundaries of Chapter VII.  Membership applications can be obtained at http://www.alabamacounseling.org/meminfo.html

Objectives of Chapter VII:

(a) To provide opportunity for communication and fellowship among professional colleagues and stimulate interpersonal understanding and service to each other;
(b) To provide grassroots input to the Alabama Counseling Association from the Chapter membership;
(c) To plan district-wide programs and small-group activities to meet the needs and interests of Chapter membership, developing and using its own professional resources.


Chapter VII accomplishes these objectives through meetings, timely workshops that offer continuing education units, and active community service.