School Council

School Council 2016/17

Every year the children put themselves forward to be Class reps, or school council's Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and Clerk. Class reps are voted in by the individual classes and the other roles are decided by a secret ballot, following the candidates presentation of their manifestos.

These children are responsible for discussing school matters, reporting back to their classes, and putting forward ideas from their class to the meetings. 
Meetings are held regularly and all the children involved work really hard together.

Our current School Council


Year Representatives- 

So far this school year, the Council have used some of their funds they have raised to pay for a path leading to the shelter on the field. It was felt it was not being used to it's capacity during the winter months as children could not make their way to it without getting muddy. The council were involved in the planning of the path and even wrote and met with local contractor Mr Wright to discuss the plans and quotes. We are delighted to say the path has made a big difference to the shelter being used once again during break times.

Speaker's School Council Awards

The council have decided they would like to part in the School Council Speaker awards competition. They have a very exciting idea in the planning which I'm sure after half term we will be able to update you further. 

Thank you for your continued support of our School Council, keep checking back for updates as they progress further with their projects.

23rd February 2017- School Council are very excited to be able to tell you of their plans for a big project they will be running for the Speaker's awards.

The council wanted their project to benefit the school as well as the local community and something that everyone could get involved in. Their project will be redeveloping the vegetable garden area. The hopes are that this will be fully functional with various vegetables and fruits growing throughout the year but also so it looks appealing with flowers and personal touches from the children within the school. To date the council have been gathering opinions from pupils and staff on this area and coming up with ideas to transform it. The next stage for them is to plan the different stages of work that needs to be carried out and to come up with a time frame for work to be completed.
I am sure you agree this is a huge task they have undertaken but with their enthusiasm we have no doubt they will make it a success.  

July 2017- School council have now sent off their application and are waiting to hear the results from the Speakers award. They are all really pleased with the work put into the garden and seeing all the school making use of it. Next year will be very exciting, as the garden will be in full use from the beginning and we hope to be planting more crops of different varieties.

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