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Key Stage 1 - Programme of Study

Dance activities

Pupils are taught to:

        ·            Use movement imaginatively, responding to stimuli, including music and performing basic skills like jumping, travelling, making a shape, jumping, turning and gesturing

        ·            Change the rhythm, speed, level and direction of their movements

        ·            Create and perform dances using simple movement patterns, including those from different times and cultures

        ·            Express and communicate ideas and feelings

Games activities:

Pupils are taught to:

        ·            Travel with, send and receive a ball and other equipment in different ways

        ·            Develop these skills from simple striking/fielding and invasion type games and also games they have made using simple tactics for defending and attacking

Gymnastic activities:

Pupils are taught to:

        ·            Perform basic skills in travelling, being still, finding space and using it safely, both on the floor and using apparatus

        ·            Develop the range of their skills and actions eg: balancing, taking off and landing, turning and rolling

        ·            Choose and link skills and actions in short movement phrases