Caring for Your Child

The class teacher assumes responsibility for the well-being and behaviour of your child in school, and the Headteacher is kept informed of any problems. If there are any particular changes in home circumstances that may affect your son or daughter, please let the school know. All private matters will be treated with professional confidentiality, but it is often helpful to be aware of any concerns.
The school has a safeguarding policy that ensures every child who is a registered pupil is safe and protected from harm. This means we will always work to; protect our children from maltreatment, prevent impairment of our children's health or development, ensure our children grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care, undertake a role to enable our children to have optimum life chances and to enter adulthood successfully.Our policy gives clear direction to staff,volunteers, visitors and parents about expected behaviour and our legal responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children at our school. 

The school’s behaviour policy places an emphasis on the need for clear guidelines regarding behaviour to ensure that everyone in school - children and adults, can feel safe and be treated with respect.

The school values and relies upon the support of parents in encouraging a high standard of behaviour.

It is important that the school has a record of all relevant telephone numbers, so that we can contact parents if a child is taken ill during the day, or if there is an emergency.  In all cases of emergency the Headteacher will endeavour to contact the parents concerned, but if this is not possible he will act on the advice of the Medical Officer consulted.

Our nominated first aider (Miss Francis) is able to administer medicines during the school day if necessary.  Parents must complete a permission form which is available from the school office.  However, since very few medications need to be administered in the middle of the day when the child is well enough to be at school, parents may be expected to keep the child at home or to arrange to administer medicine personally.  
Mrs Goodhew (Senior Teacher), Mrs Sonnex (Headteacher) and Mrs Fincham (SENCO).