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What pupils say about our school...

A great way to find out more about the school is to ask the children who go there. Here's what some of our pupils say about Alburgh with Denton Primary School.

"I like playing with the toys and on the go-karts" - Maisie

"I like sticking and gluing" - Nancy

"I like playing with the Lego" - Eric

"Our school is a good school and I like Literacy the best" - Millie

"My favourite lessons are Maths and Topic" - Phoebe

"I like playing football and going on the trim trail at lunchtime" - Alfie

"My favourite thing is Maths and P.E" - Sophie

"I love PE - hockey and netball are my favourite sports" - Hayden

"I like going to Breakfast Club because you get nice food and then get to play before school!" - Valentino