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Our Governors

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The work of the Governing Body

We meet as a full Governing Body every half term. Our regular business is to receive a report from the headteacher, share feed-back from the work of the sub-committees and receive essential information and updates on a range of subjects that are of importance to the school.  Sometimes an invited guest, often a member of staff, will give us a brief talk on a topic of particular interest.

Governing body meetings are professionally clerked and the minutes, once ratified by the full governing body, are available to the general public. Our clerk is Mrs Maggie Smith.

Most of the hard work happens in our sub-committees. There are two of these and most governors sit on one of them, although a few belong to both. The Resources Committee looks at the finances of the school, monitoring expenditure and value for money.  They also oversee everything to do with the employment of staff and the condition and development of the site. Members are expected to undergo training on how schools are funded and how to make the best use of the budget. The Standards Committee has a wide-ranging brief which includes scrutinising the amount of progress that groups of pupils make each term, using data that Mrs Sonnex produces from the teachers’ records.  Members of this committee monitor how well the school’s Improvement & Development Plan is progressing and can often be seen in classrooms talking to pupils about their work. Good standards are not just about academic work; the committee also looks at all the things the school does to develop the whole child, including things like the breakfast club, extra-curricular activities, sport and, of course, the school’s vision and Christian values.

Committee Members


Sue Eagle (Chair) 

Chris Brown                                     

Katherine Cooper                                                   

Andrea Fitzgerald                                                   

Hayley Sonnex

Janet Strode


Allan Henderson (chair)

Karen Thompson

David Lambert

Gill Hipwell  

Hayley Sonnex     

Leigh Goodhew

In addition to the sub-committees there are a few ‘designated governor’ roles which involve special training.  The people who currently fill these roles are:

Disabilities & Special Educational Needs: Andrea Fitzgerald

Safeguarding: Katherine Cooper

Health & Safety: Karen Thompson

Headteacher Performance Management: Sue Eagle & Gill Hipwell

Governors are very interested in all aspects of school life and are particularly keen to hear what parents have to say.  We try to ensure that at least one governor is available to talk to parents at school events.  If you have a comment or a query for the Governing Body please feel free to contact the Chair either by telephone or via email.

Chris Brown  01986 788011  chris.j.brown@virgin.net

Our Governors 2016/17

Mrs Sue Eagle – Local Authority Governor

I’ve been on the governing body at Alburgh with Denton C of E Primary School for 3 years and was pleased to be invited by the Local Authority to serve. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a lively and exciting career in education and I continue to believe passionately that education changes and enhances all our lives. As a ‘Body’ of governors, we support the leadership of this wonderful small rural school. I feel that I can bring to this all my very practical experience and understanding of the everyday challenges as well as the complex issues of strategic leadership faced by schools today. I also bring my love of children and enjoyment of working with the professionals at the school, who have the children’s very best interests at heart. I feel fortunate to be part of this thriving community, and enjoy my role in supporting the school’s on-going drive to improve the education of all our children.

Dr Allan Henderson – Community Governor

A recent appointment, I am the father of four children, now aged 27 to 21.  All attended the local state schools before attending University. I served four years as a member of the High School Board.  While not entirely the same as being an English school governor, this did give considerable relevant experience. I am a passionate believer in state education. School is such an important part of early life. I think it is sometimes forgotten just what a large part of education takes place at primary level. So much is established at this time – not just basic education, but social skills and citizenship. As I retired from full-time medical practice in 2012, I now have time for the role of school governor.  I hope I can be of value to my local school.  Alburgh with Denton Primary School is a C of E School. I think it is relevant that I am a practising Christian

Mrs. Gill Hipwell – Foundation Governor

I sit on the governing body as the representative of the Rector of Alburgh and Denton and the Bishop of Norwich. I am currently serving as Chair of the Governing Body.  At present I also hold the position of Designated Safeguarding Governor and work closely with Mrs Sonnex to make sure that all of our children are well looked after.  I work with the Standards Committee, monitoring the progress that is made in ensuring that we have the best possible learning outcomes for every child.  I live in Denton where I am an active member of the church and the Denton Variety Club, with a particular interest in children’s drama.

Staff Governors

The staff of the school are represented by three governors.  The headteacher is on the governing body by right and the other two members are elected by their peers.

Mrs Hayley Sonnex – Headteacher

Mrs Leigh Goodhew – Staff Governor

Ms Janet Strode – Staff Governor