Below you will find instructions for submissions to the Albanian J. Math. Please follow them carefully. Only serious submissions will be considered. 

All manuscripts must be sent to directly to T. Shaska at

Languages: The language of publication is English or Albanian. 

Author information

Please fill out the submission form carefully since this form determines how your name, affiliation, and other data will appear on your article. 

Authors' names and complete affiliations should be included. Authors should inform the journal Albanian Journal of Mathematics of changes of address while their paper is under consideration. In all other matters arising before the acceptance of papers, authors are requested to communicate directly with the editor. Joint authors should indicate on the original manuscript one corresponding author. 

We prefer author's MR Author Id number so we can easily identify them on Math Reviews.  If you are a new author and don't have an MR Author ID number, then you should contact the editor directly.

Mathematics Subject Classification

Every article is required to have  2010 Mathematics Subject Classification codes. 

Please check the following site for information:

Preparing the manuscript

Manuscripts prepared only in AMS Latex are accepted. 

Please use the


Please prepare the paper using the AMS style files (i.e, amsart). Try to avoid using extra files (macros). Use the default options, do not re-size the pages. 

Theorems: All theorems, lemmas, propositions, etc should be labeled if they are referenced anywhere in the paper. For example, use the commands


for theorem-type references and "Eq.~\eqref{\label}" for equations.

Figures or Graphics. Figures should be of professional quality, including all labeling, and should be provided in the form of glossy prints or Indian ink drawings. All essential details (labeling) must be legible after a reduction of at least 50 %. Figures created via a graphics package should be saved in encapsulated PostScript (EPS) or JPEG format. A separate file for each graphic should be submitted. In a TEX document EPS files may be incorporated into the TEX file by using one of the standard macro packages, such as epsf.tex (epsf.sty) or psfig.tex. Include paper copies of all the PostScript files for the graphics. 

Tables should be numbered and referred to by number in the text. Footnotes should be avoided, or kept to a minimum.

References should be collected at the end of the paper and numbered in alphabetical order of the authors' names. Titles of journals should be abbreviated as in Mathematical Reviews. All the citations should be done by the \cite{} command. Not complying with these requirements will prolong the publication of your paper.

Submission Form