The standard of each breed describes the perfect dog. In addition, a dog that matches his breed's standard should be able to accomplish the tasks envisaged for the particular breed (dig caves, swim in icy waters, save the drowning or simply be a companion). Even if you are not interested in participation at dog shows, the breed's standard should not be ignored because every single provision of the standard has a reason. If it establishes the maximum height of the dog, it can be assumed that the creators of the breed noticed that a higher dog can be too clumsy to accomplish his tasks; or if the standard envisages a scissors bite, it can be assumed that this requirement was set in order to prevent an earlier wearing out of teeth or disability of a bitch to bite off its puppies umbilical cords. The fact that your dog is intended to be used for pulling sledge or shepherding does not mean that your dog should not be able to accomplish these tasks.


  • Click here for the official FCI-approved Bulldog Standard.
  • Click here for the illustrated Bulldog Standard of the Bulldog Club of America and videos which show how the Bulldog should look and move.



The way I see the Bulldog

Each Bulldog is of course unique and has individual character features and temper, however, probably each and every Bulldog I have ever met and „talked" to had this one thing in common – the endless joy of human company and the look full of tenderness showing through more or less wrinkled eyebrows :)

I never feared even a stranger bulldog notwithstanding a luring appearance of some of them. I think of myself being not one of those intrusive dog lovers who run to kiss every dog they meet as I believe that not only humans deserve respect for their private space, but dogs as well. Sometimes it is obvious that a dog is not into communication and does not want any of a stranger's attention or touching. It is only natural, and perhaps it is even more relevant at dog shows where dogs are under enough stress.

However, if one approaches the Bulldog in a calm and friendly manner, a little wonder happens. The Bulldog's eyes brighten up, the muzzle turns into a beaming face, and there, a miraculous dance starts :) I especially liked the description of this dance of joy by the „mom" of one of my „children" Pinkis. Maybe every dog owner has similar thoughts of his or her dog's joy when they see their humans. However, due to the transformation of this externally reserved appearance of the Bulldog, this solid pose and this calm and sometimes a little arrogant view of the surrounding world to this Latino dance radiating joy of life and love, the communication with the Bulldog greatly exceeds the joy of meeting another dog who as a rule shows enthusiasm in every step of his way.