My very first Bulldog was named Citra. Unfortunately, she became ill on the second day at her new home and regardless my greatest efforts and the efforts of the breeder of Citra who was a veterinary herself, my puppy passed away within a few weeks. Now that I have gained experience and am able to assess whether a puppy can develop to a show dog, I believe that Citra did not have any show dog qualities. However, at that time this was of no importance to me. I just wanted to have my own Bulldog. The loss of a puppy is very painfull, very sad... Especially when you have three kids at home which were endlessly happy to finally have a doggy.

I was offerred a half-year old Bulldog, the little rascal Nikė, as a compensation for my loss of the puppy. I wished I had a chance to raise my own dog, however, lingering for another litter while thinking of Citra every day was not an option to me. Thus, Nikė nuo Ašarėnos who was about to stay at the breeder's came to live with us. Together with Nikė we started our dog show career, and I became fully "contaminated" with the Love-to-the-Bulldog desease :)

The Bulldog is a devoted compagnion, and the Bulldog's place is beside its people, not beside a doghouse outside. This is why my kennel is so tiny - so that we all could fit in on the couch :)
2008 © "Albiono stebuklas" by Edita

I would like to note that neither Edita Žeromskienė nor kennel "Albiono stebuklas" has no relation with Vygandas Banys and his kennel "Bukanosis" - previous owner of the domain
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