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china inn express
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I've been to China! (notes below)
I've been to China! (notes below)
The next stop on our trip was Hong Kong, China. Why Hong Kong? Well, Mum and I both wanted to go to Asia--but with limited planning time we couldn't get visas to get into mainland China to see the Great Wall--and while I have aspirations of traveling to Thailand, India, Japan, or Vietnam--Mum didn't have the same level of interest. Hence--we decided on Hong Kong! The city itself is absolutely enormous. It goes on and on and on and on and on and then some. While I do enjoy clothes, I care less about labels and designers than most of my friends--yet still found myself floored by the abundance of shopping in Hong Kong. Wow. All I wanted to do was spend money. Hong Kong itself is very very clean. The subways are clean and easy to navigate, the streets are immaculate, and compared to Cairo--there was little to no honking of horns. There are strictly enforced laws about littering and spitting, as well as smoking--which makes for a sparkling clean city. The weather was pretty tropical--very warm and humid. Our last day we had a wrench thrown in our plans to visit the peak and bird markets as there was a torrential downpour most of the day. So we saw Star Trek instead (in English, with Chinese subtitles). We stayed in Causeway Bay (thanks for the heads up on the neighborhood, Ashley!), at the Holiday Inn Express. The staff was extremely helpful, the rooms were adorable, and we were near Times Square with plenty of shopping and restaurants nearby. The neighborhood reminded me of the East Village/LES in that there were lots of young people, cute little shops, and places to eat. Hong Kong is very westernized, so I still want to go to other parts of China (as well as just about anywhere and everywhere in Asia) to see slices of ancient and traditional life. Each night there is a light show where the buildings of Hong Kong and Kowloon flash their lights to semi-cheezy music. It's gorgeous. It would have been ideal if the weather had been more cooperative on our last day, but I still feel I got a great experience in the time I was there. Oh, I also bought a really incredible dress with robots and chickens and cats and craziness all over it--it's amazing.
holiday inn express temple of heaven (hope you packed comfortable walking shoes)
holiday inn express temple of heaven (hope you packed comfortable walking shoes)
So the program gives us a little laminated card in our trip packet with the name and address of our hotel written in Chinese, and they tell us "just show this to the cab driver, and your cab driver will bring you here. Hmm, that would probably be true if a SINGLE cab driver had ever heard of this hotel or this street. Time after time we showed our helpful little card only to get a head shake and often pointed to get out of the cab. Actually some cabs wouldn't even pick us up probably because they didn't want to deal with someone who couldn't speak Mandarin. But not to worry there is a subway station...about 20 minutes away. So THAT's why this place was such a good deal, I'm starting to get it.

china inn express
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