Albert Riezebos

Stamboom / Family Tree

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 My father immigrated to Winnipeg from IJsselmuiden,Overijssel,The Netherlands. Most of his ancestors come from villages in that area of The Netherlands. So far all of his ancestors are Dutch.  Name variations are:   Riezebos / Riezebosch / Riesebos / Riesebosch/ Rijzebos, so far all are related.
 My mother's ancestors mostly came to New France/Canada in the 1600's. Her paternal grandfather, Joseph E. Lambert, moved his family to Berlin,NH,USA in 1890 and lived there until about 1910 and so her dad was born there in 1899. They then moved on to Ponteix,Saskatchewan,Canada. Her maternal grandfather, Louis Philippe Savard,  moved with his family from Quebec to La Broquerie,Manitoba,Canada around 1891  to join other family members already living there.  The vast majority of her ancestors are French but a few other nationalities are also present such as German,Swiss,British,Scottish, etc. 

                                                                                                                                       Below is a photo tree, most are from my mother's side.