I am excited to join the Computer Science Department at Dartmouth College as an assistant professor in the next Fall 2018. As I am starting a new lab, Postdoc researchers, Ph.D. students, and research interns interested in robotics are welcome to contact me. Thank you!

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After being a postdoctoral fellow in the Autonomous Field Robotics Laboratory (AFRL), led by prof. Ioannis Rekleitis, at the Computer Science & Engineering Department of the University of South Carolina, I am currently working as research assistant professor in the same department.

My main research interests include: autonomous mobile robotics, artificial intelligence, and agents and multiagent systems.

I received a M.Sc. in Computer Science Engineering (2011) and a Ph.D. in Information Technology (2015) from Politecnico di Milano at the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria. Under the supervision of prof. Francesco Amigoni, my main research work has focused on the problem of studying, defining, and evaluating exploration policies that drive autonomous mobile robots around initially unknown environments to build their map.

From February to July 2014, I have been a visiting PhD student at Research on Sensor Networks Lab at the Computer Science Department of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA, under the supervision of prof. Volkan Isler.

Curriculum Vitae (last updated: January 24, 2017)
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