School year 2015-2016:

Cartoon film: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (English subtitled) 

  • Project on Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde by Alex España (4º ESO B)

  • Project on Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde by Margarita Llanes (4º ESO A)

  • Project on BRAVEHEART by Andrea Gutiérrez

  • Project on BRAVEHEART by Joaquín García

  • Project on Braveheart by Alberto Pineda (4º ESO B)

  • Project on Braveheart by Mª José García (4º ESO A):   Click to her blog entry    

  • Project on Braveheart by María Béjar (4º ESO A):   Click to  her blog entry  
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  • Project on Braveheart by Alex España (4º ESO B): link to his site 

  • Project on Braveheart by Irene Ramón (4º ESO A): link to her blog entry 

  • Project on Rabbit-Proof Fence by Alex España (4º ESO B):  link to his site entry

Powered by emazeRabbit-proof fence by Andrea Gutiérrez (PROJECT)

Project on Rabbit-proof fence by Joaquín García
Here are some projects done by our students in 4º ESO (2012):