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Open Source Packages

I use these open source packages, and am backing them up here in case of network unavailability. I don't write or provide support for them.

Open Source Mac Software:

PDFView_0.14.3.dmg - a nice PDF viewer.

osx-pl2303-0.2.2-10.4-universal.dmg - driver for USB2Serial common cables

nmapfe-085.tar.bz2 - great network monitoring and scanning tool launcher for OS X - great terminal program for use with USB2Serial connections

sshfs-0.1.0.dmg - INCREDIBLE filesystem over ssh tool for use with MacFUSE

MacFUSE-Core-0.1.9.dmg - Filesystems in User Space!

CocoaMySQL 0.75 - Great Mac GUI for MySQL

albumshaper_2.1_mac.dmg - Nice photo utility alternative to iPhoto.

Cyberduck-2.7.3.dmg - Great open source FTP utility.

smcfancontrol - nice fan control software for macbooks!

For more Mac OS X software information, check out OS X Central.

Open Source Software:

BitBucket-0.4a.tar.gz - Used with duplicity for Amazon's S3 storage. - Quick and dirty wordpress cache. - FAQ Editor for phpbb2 - Great Flash slideshow AS2.

duplicity.tar.bz2 - Nice backup software.

ntfsprogs-1.13.1.tar.gz - Excellent ntfs tools, including ntfsclone and ntfs resize.

Open Source Software for Windows: