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Mysterious Smell Gives Students a Break From Class

posted Mar 9, 2012, 8:15 AM by Albert Einstein High School Nucleus   [ updated Mar 26, 2012, 7:22 AM ]
By Nelson Le

On Monday, February 27th, students were evacuated out of Albert Einstein High School at around 12:25 P.M. The students stayed outside of the school for approximately one hour and thirty minutes. A lot of students were curious as to what caused the sudden evacuation.     
            While they waited, fire trucks and a hazmat team showed up to investigate the school, as reported by some student witnesses.  “Some of my friends said it was a gas leak”, said 9th grader Erick Hernandez, “but I saw a fire truck and so I really thought it was some small fire somewhere inside the school because it wasn’t a drill.”
            Some students didn’t care about the mysterious cause for the alarm and were happy for the brief break from school. “I didn’t care whether or not it was a fire or a mutant zombie outbreak”, said sophomore Winner Nguyen, “I really didn’t have the energy for another two whole classes because it was a Monday.”
            The problem all started in Kristy D’Angelo’s room 270, when she entered her classroom only to suddenly feel a burning and irritating sensation in her throat.
            “I was reaching for the light switch and I started to feel something hot and scratchy in my throat. It was almost burning. I asked Ms. Baron to come over to where I was and she also started to cough on whatever it was.” says D’Angelo.
            The root cause of the incident was never found, but the evacuation was a good drill for something like this to happen in the future. “Stuff like this occasionally happens around here and sometimes it can be the real deal that something is happening. We always have to be ready, anytime, anywhere,” states Wheaton Station Fire/Rescue Chief Steve Lohr. The students were let back into the building at 2:10 P.M and periods 6th and 7th were canceled for the day to the joy of the students of Albert Einstein High School.

            Although the mystery of the cause remains, students were glad for a short break that afternoon.