A Good Soldier

    Military records show Albert as being 5 foot tall with auburn hair, blue eyes and light complexion, single and a farmer, reportedly one of the smallest soldiers in the War.
    Fellow soldiers reported that Albert could handle the rugged life of an infantryman as well as any other recruit regardless of size.  In a war where the men carried everything the mules couldn't though, there were times he needed some help and he got it.  Because Al was good at laundry and mending clothes and would return a favor, his comrades gladly lent a hand. 
    After receiving an honorable discharge,  Albert joined the G.A.R.- Grand Army of the Republic- the largest organization of Union Veterans- and remained friends with his comrades for the rest of his life.
    Saunemin citizens remember "On Decoration Day he always wore his uniform and led the parade, proudly carrying the big flag as slight as he was.  He was in his glory when he did that."