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2008 Provincial XC Championships Edmonton, AB

Registration is now open.  All information regarding the race can be viewed [here]

An important blurb from MTB Coordinator Roddi Dr. Smooth Lega:

All racers at the Alberta Provincial Championships must be either a current UCI/CCA racing license holder, or an ABA general member. There will be day licenses available for general members at a fee of $10. Keep in mind that general members are only allowed to take part in 2 races per year. Have you used up your 2 races yet? If you want to race and you have used up your 2 races, then you must purchase a racing license which can be done online at www.albertabicycle.ab.ca .

Any riders wishing to qualify for a 2008 Best All 'Round (BAR) standing must race in the highest ability category in their age group. If you don’t’ race in the highest ability category, then you will not receive points for the BAR. Here are some examples of how this will work.

If you are a Senior Novice, Sport, or Expert rider, and you want to qualify for a placing in the BAR, you must race the XC Provincials as a Senior Elite.

If you are a Master A, B, C, D Sport or Novice, and you want to qualify for a placing in the BAR, you must race the XC Provincials as a Master A, B, C, D Expert.

If you are a Junior Sport or Novice, and you want to qualify for a placing in the BAR, you must race the XC Provincials as a Junior Expert.

Got it?  Good.


Mousatche Madness XC - Hinton, AB

Update from The Man Cory Wallace - course is FAST!!!

GPS tells us it is 5.5kms in length so you can expect the lap count to go up on race day.

Here are some maps to the venue:

The link to the google maps page is [here]


Cory Wallace is hosting  this event with  help from us at Alberta MTB Racing.

Here's the scoop:

Venue is the Athabasca Lookout Nordic Centre located in Switzer Provincial Park near beautiful Hinton, Alberta.

Start time: Mass start 12 pm 
Sign on: 10 am-11:30 am Sunday
Registration: $ 35 before Thursday Aug.14th  9 pm on karelo anytime after that or on race day there will be a $ 10 late fee.
Licensed and Unlicensed racers are invited to participate  ($ 10 day license charge for unlicensed racers)
Sponsors: Freewheel Cycle
Laps:  The laps will be approx 7-8 km in length so the # of laps will be similar to other alberta cups. 
The link for camping is etc is http://www.tpr.alberta.ca/parks/switzer/flashindex.asp
Directions to race site:   Located in Switzer Provincial Park, 20 km North of Hinton, Alberta, Canada. Take Highway 40 North and turn at the Athabasca Lookout Road (about 14 km North of Hwy. 16)

Depending on the Mountain Bike Coordinators mood, laps are subject to change.

Elite Men 5 laps

Elite Women 4 laps

Expert Men 4 laps

Expert Women 4 laps

Sport Men 3 laps

Sport Women 2 laps

Novice Men 2 laps

Novice Women 2 laps

Master Men 2 laps

Master Women 2 laps

Novice Youth Men 2 laps

Novice Youth Women 1 lap

Sport Youth Men 2 laps

Sport Youth Women 2 laps


The first annual Hinton Moustache Madness is open to all comers. Racers DO NOT have to be members of the Alberta Bicycle Association. Day licenses* will be sold at the event for $10 for all non-license holders.

*Each rider is allowed 2 day license races per year. If you have already used up your 2 races, and you want to race in the MM’08, then you must purchase a race license from the Alberta Bicycle Association. www.albertabicycle.ab.ca

Cash awards for elite levels and Special prizes for the best male, female and kid moustaches.
* Riders should bring all there own water as there is none at the race site.
For any additional info please contact Cory @ 780-852-9662 (home) or 780-852-7753 (cell) or check out www.bikehinton.com


UPDATE - July 21, 2008

Life Checklist Nordegg Marathon Results are available for viewing here.

UPDATE - MAY 25, 2008

BACON BUFFET Results and Photos are now posted.  Visit bikealberta.com for all the stuff.  Thank you to everyone who attended and made the Bacon Buffet a memorable event!

BACON BUFFET (as all AB CUP MTB Races) is a GO!!! RAIN or SHINE!!! 

The course is in excellent shape and as of noon Saturday there has not been any rain.  Because of no race at the venue last year, the course is in excellent shape.  Any rain we receive between now and race day will not affect the rideablilty of the course.

REMINDER - registration deadline is Saturday @ 9p.m.   

*Masters Category Change - May 21, 2008

For the Bacon Buffet, the Masters category will be 4 laps (1 less lap than Expert, same # of laps as Sport) but the category will be included in the third start (1 pm).  Technical Guide will be updated to reflect this change later today.

2008 Bacon Buffet Race info is now Posted


Click BACON BUFFET for the info 


May 11, 2008 - Results are HERE! and read all about the event at BikeAlberta.com.

Get your updated Perogy XC Technical Guide [here]

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Important Dates:

May 11, 2008 - Perogy XC

May 25, 2008 - All You Can Eat Bacon Buffet of Pain & Suffering

July 20, 2008 -  Life Checklist Nordegg Marathon

August 24, 2008 - Provincial MTB Championships