Miriam Irons-sensei, Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School, Red Deer

posted Mar 18, 2011, 2:14 PM by Ayumi Nagatomi

We are selling:

1.  Onigiri every day for donations--Japanese students.

2.  Popcorn from International Students Friday at lunch sales


Plus the below to be started today by the IB students in our school, so it's just a lot of different groups coming together to help out.  I'm so impressed by my colleagues and students:  
1.      Paper Crane:


Cranes are an important symbol culturally in Japan and 1000 folded cranes are associated with realizing the wish/hope/prayer of the sender. 
・Students fold a crane as a gesture of support and concern, and write on their paper/crane the words "Ganbare Nippon".
・Lay them out to read Ganbare Nippon and photgraph this display to post on our school website and facebook page with encouragement for people to support Japan in the wake of these horrific challenges.  
・The photgraph/display will be sent to our twin school in Japan.  

2. Grade Coin Challenge:


・There will be a grade challenge to raise money to support relief efforts.  


3. Art Sale


・There will be an art sale organized with donated art and crafts available for purchase with proceeds to go to support Relief efforts in Japan.