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Rent Bar Equipment

rent bar equipment
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Contact for rent Villa :+ 628 129 885458
Contact for rent Villa :+ 628 129 885458
Villa Heron is a brand new mix Balinese and Javanese style villa located only 400 meters from the beach of Berawa, 15 minutes from Seminyak with the finest shopping, dining, and entertainment places of Bali and 20 minutes from the famous Golf Course of Nirwana design by Greg Norman. Featuring 5 air-conditioned bedrooms with en-suite bathroom, this villa offer all the modern comfort and equipment you may require. With a large open air living and dining area, a office room and the great entertainment room with a Pool table and a large Plasma Screen with sound system offer a wonderful vie on the Indian Ocean on one side and rice fields on the other. The tropical garden feature many pound and a fake waterfall, the bean shape swimming pool include a bar and a nice wooden deck to relax by. Fully staffed, the villa Manager will organize the dedicated staff according including butler, housekeeping, gardener & maintenance and security guard to provide a high level of service. Location Canggu Distance from the airport 35 min Distance from the beach 400 m Property area - Total Living area - Swimming Pool free form Bedroom 5 Bedrooms Air conditioned bedrooms 5 in each bedrooms Ensuite Bathroom 5 ensuite bathroom Living & Dining Area offers spacious air-conditioned and open-air living and dining room with table for eight. Facilities cable television, DVD player, sound system, IDD telephone. kitchen Refrigerator, microwave, oven, coffee machine and appliances Rate Low Season 400 usd High Season 500 usd Peak Season 650 usd
NGC1365: a barred galaxy in the Australian sky
NGC1365: a barred galaxy in the Australian sky
Cloudy nights in France? OK! then let's rent a Lightbuckets telescope for a couple of hours. NGC1365 is never visible here but was very close to the zenith in Perth, Australia. It is really at its prime over there. A barred galaxy similar to our Milky way but some 50 millions light years away. There are no cloudy nights any more! Equipment: Internet + : LB004, Pingelly, RC 368mm, f/9 Apogee U16M (lots of hot pixels!!) 22 subs of 300s (7 in L, 15 in RGB)

rent bar equipment
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