Laser Tag Equipment Rental. Working Around Heavy Equipment Safety

Laser Tag Equipment Rental

laser tag equipment rental
    equipment rental
  • means a service establishment that may offer a wide variety of household and business equipment, furniture, and materials for rental. Does not include construction equipment rental, which is separately defined.
    laser tag
  • Laser tag is a team or individual activity where players attempt to score points by tagging targets, typically with a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device.
  • Here at Battlefield LIVE┬áNorth Devon we dont call it Laser Tag, because we know that we're that much better than Laser Tag.
laser tag equipment rental - Nerf Dart
Nerf Dart Tag Strikefire 2-Player Duel System (Colors May Vary)
Nerf Dart Tag Strikefire 2-Player Duel System (Colors May Vary)
It's the Nerf way to play tag! Strap on the adjustable scoring vest and don your Vision Gear goggles. Then grab your weapon, load it with foam darts and take aim at your opponent's scoring vest. Darts actually stick to the vest, so you'll know when you "hit" someone. Dart Tag blasters each hold up to six darts and can launch them up to an incredible 30 feet away.
This action-packed two-player system comes with instructions for seven one-on-one games and five team games for a total of 12 exciting Dart Tag games. Includes two Dart Tag blasters, two adjustable scoring vests, two sets of Dart Tag Vision Gear eyewear, twelve Tagger Micro Darts ammo and instructions.

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Laser Tag
Laser Tag
Matt, Evan, Matt, and Ethan, just got done playing laser tag in an inflateable course it was so cool.
Laser Tag Salt Lake City
Laser Tag Salt Lake City
Laser Tag by Graffiti Research Lab in Salt Lake City for the Sundance Film Festival.

laser tag equipment rental
laser tag equipment rental
Lazer Tag Complete Two-player System Gift Set
From the Manufacturer Step into Lazer Tag--where video game action comes to life. Lazer Tag combines extreme team competition with hi-tech accuracy. Assemble your own squad and prepare for thrilling Lazer Tag excitement! The Tagger unit is your key to unbelievable excitement! An LCD Display control panel provides a live-action video readout of 7 game stats, and lets you see how you measure up to your opponents! Wireless set-up allows for quick and easy team play--your Tagger unit actually communicates with your teammates' devices! The HUD (heads up display) unit provides you with real-time audio/visual gameplay feedback! Fitting on your head just like a pair of sunglasses, it displays when you've locked onto a target, when you've tagged that target and when an opponent has tagged you! It's the ultimate in interactive play! Editorial Review You adjust your fingers to get a better grip as you steady your tagger and watch the "locked on" icon flash in your HUD. With a grin you squeeze back on the trigger and score another hit for your team. Welcome to the new extreme in electronic tag! With two extremely durable taggers and connecting Heads Up Display units you're ready to play almost right out of the box (you'll need 6 AA batteries for each unit that aren't included). Once you're set you'll find an almost endless amount of options such as one-on-one classic games, Hide & Seek, King of the Hill, or those totally customized by you. The HUD lets you see when you're tagged, when you're locked on someone, or even when someone is nearby. You also have the option to use shields to add some extra protection. You'll learn everything you need with instructions that are almost better than perfect.

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