Presidents Message

Message from the AFA President

It is my hope that Alberta Fire Aid can help departments who are struggling to find budgets to properly equip their members and apparatus. I have seen first hand how many organizations are equipped with just the basics, with out dated equipment, or with inadequate equipment to perform their job.

The goal of any department regardless of whether they are paid, paid on call, or volunteer, is to serve their communities to the best of their abilities. The capability of a department to do this is based on a diverse range of factors that include membership, training, commitment, and the equipment that is used to perform their duties.

It is my hope that AFA will become a organization that can be called upon by departments in need of assistance for items that may not be obtainable by their current budgets.

So that the AFA can help others, I am calling upon departments, municipalities, and corporations across Alberta to consider us when equipment or gear becomes available or after it's respective life or budget cycle.

Through a collaborative approach we can all help the Alberta Fire Service be a safe and effective place to work or volunteer.

Dean Dumbeck


Alberta Fire Aid