Hawaii Tour Commitments Needed

Post date: Feb 18, 2015 1:40:29 PM

Dear Wrestlers and Wrestling Families,

Work has been going on behind the seasons in preparation for the proposed 2015 Hawaii Trip. Less than 12 months out from our departure now is the time to look at booking flights and get firmer commitments from people.

While many people have expressed a strong interest in the trip, I currently only have 13 people who have made deposits:

1. Ravi Manhas – Deposit processed

2. Phillip Broadbent – Deposit processed

3. Ally Flaro – Deposit processed

4. Circe Campbell - Deposit processed

5. Kobie Duncan - Deposit processed

6. Jayce Clayton - Deposit processed

7. Tom McEvay - Deposit processed

8. Seth Price – Deposit pending

9. Jeanette Badovinac - Deposit pending

10. Aaron Badovinac – Deposit pending

11. James Messenger Deposit processed

12. John McDonald – Deposit pending

13. Isaac McDonald – Deposit pending

Many individuals have said they intend to go on the trip and I believe some have even made some of their own travel arrangements.

In working with our travel agent and in speaking with Tom I feel that I need deposits from at least 20 people to move forward with planning this trip.

I also want to be honest about four other factors that are causing me concern as we look at moving forward.

Declining Canadian Dollar – I do not want to be an alarmist in terms of the sudden decline in the Canadian Dollar. With any luck the dollar will return just as quickly as it has dropped. However, we also have to look realistically at the impact of this could have on our trip. If we were to go today the decline would see our tour costs increase by $250 - $300 a person and this does not include the impact on spending money. Changes in currency rates currently have the ADSS rugby tour facing a massive deficit I don’t want our trip to have the same fate.

Changing Personal Circumstances – There is a very real possibility that the impending school reconfiguration will result in a new administrative position for me. Commitments to a new position may not allow me to go on the trip. There are others who can step in to supervise and coach athletes on this trip but it does make the work of coordinating a tour for a small group of people less appealing.

Age/Skill Level of Wrestlers – Only a portion of the wrestlers who have expressed interest in the trip will be of an age/skill level that can compete in the Hawaii Officials Touranmetn which is Grade 8 – 12 High School Collegiate Tournament. I can arrange other wrestling opportunities but there is a chance that this will be a less formal format (eg. practices/friendly matches/duals etc.).

For us to continue moving forward with the booking of this trip I need to see deposits in from 20 people in by February 28. Deposits can be dropped off to EJ Dunn Middle School School. More information regarding the proposed Hawaii Trip can be found on our website at https://sites.google.com/site/albernivalleywrestlingclub/hawaii-tour-2015

James Messenger