Fundraisers April 26/27

Post date: Apr 23, 2014 4:21:57 AM

Motor Cross Flagging

Saturday - 9:30am - 3:30pm (10 flaggers)

Sunday - 8:00 am 4:30pm (15 flaggers)

Call Coach Russ Bodnar 250-735-8878

Getting to MotorCross Track

Turn off Johnston onto Cherry Creek Rd. (towards hall/fire dept./golf course)

Turn right on Milligan Rd (first Rd after the Baptist Church)

Follow the dog leg around till you Reach the end and the track entrance

What to bring? We recommend the following:

1) Sun Screen / sunglasses / Hat

2) Rain Jacket

3) Proper Footwear

4) Snacks, Drink box, Water bottle. Although Lunch is generally supplied, this can be a all day event, and snacks are always a good idea.

Macktush Campground Clean Up - Saturday April 26 and Sunday April 27

This is one of the first events of our fundraising season. It is an opportunity for wrestlers and their families to earn credit for wrestling events next season.

The Wrestling Club will be working with campground employees to clean up the area for the start of season. Typical jobs include raking, wood chopping, etc.

We need wrestlers and parents.

We will be meeting at Clutesi Haven Marina at 8 am each day and will return around 7 pm. A limited amount of rides are available.

Don’t forget to pack lots of warm work clothes. The layered approach is often the best one. Rain gear and water proof boots are often helpful too. If you can bring work gloves.

Bring a good lunch along with snacks and drinks. You get hungry when you work hard.

If you are interested in going email James Messenger or phone him at 250-735-8854.

Lauren Barker Saturday & Sunday

Trevor Barker Saturday & Sunday

Louise Leyland Saturday & Sunday

Wayne Mallon Saturday & Sunday

Shane Leeper Saturday & Sunday

Stuart Messenger Saturday & Sunday

James Messenger Saturday & Sunday

Nolan Badovinac Saturday & Sunday

John McDonald Sunday

Isaac McDonald Sunday