The Alberni District Hockey Academy is a great opportunity and privilege for Alberni's youth to further develop their hockey skills, and take their game to the next level. It's great to see that many parents have taken advantage of the convenience of the Academy, for their youth's skill development. I think the Academy's instructors are respectful to all the boys and girls, yet tough enough to push the kids to reach their potential as players, and as people. The Academy is focused, challenging, motivating, and fun, all at the same time.

As the player playing minor pro, and one who's played at the NCAA level, I still use the Hockey Academy to work on my skills and skating before I leave for season. I only wish I had this opportunity when I was growing up.

Ram Sidhu
Groningen Grizzlies – Netherlands Elite League 2008-09
Geneseo State Knights – NCAA 2004-2008

The Alberni District Hockey Canada Skills Academy is a benefit for all players and coaches involved in the Port Alberni area. Being new in the area, I’m learning the immediate impact that the skills academy is having on the young players.

The players in the Skills Academy are getting more ice time and developing their on ice skills at a faster rate. The old saying is practice, practice, practice and I believe that because of the Skills Academy students are benefiting from the increase practice time.

The other great thing about the Skills Academy is that it doesn’t exclude any player from its program. All skill levels, male or female have the opportunity to develop their skills at the Academy.

The skills academy is a pleasure to be a part of and I’m proud to be a member of the skills academy staff.


Paul Esdale

Wildcats - Anaheim California Hockey Director
Former BCHL Coach

I am impressed with the depth of teaching that occurs at the Academy.

All aspects of the game of hockey are covered. A solid foundation is being laid that will impact these players throughout their career.

Jan Norman ChPC
Professional Power Skating Coach
Skate Canada Level III
Hockey Canada Development I Certified
35 years coaching experience

June 23, 2008

Rick Schievink:


The Alberni District Hockey Canada Skills Academy provides an exceptional stage for expanding leadership and life skills of students passionate for hockey.  What better opportunity for learning fundamental leadership skills than in the realm of the students passion and your students are exceptionally passionate about hockey, after all it is Canada’s game.

The most important aspect to the academy is it maximizes the potential for hockey to develop the students all round skills.  After all, hockey is a stage for development, not a profession for the vast majority of students.  The academy maximizes the benefits of this stage by challenging the students both mentally and physically and reinforcing the community values that ADSS fosters. 

In terms of hockey development, through your well organized curriculum and professional instruction, your students develop more completely and faster through the season.   This enables them to focus with confidence on learning systems and game strategy through their minor hockey teams. Your diverse high tempo and complex drills help to prepare the students for higher level tryouts in pursuit of their hockey goals.

I thank you and the supportive staff of ADSS for making the Academy a reality in our community.

Yours truly,
Russell Dyson
Coleman Meadows Farm

The Alberni District Hockey Canada Skills Academy provides essential skill development for our young hockey talent. The City of Port Alberni is proud to make the Alberni Valley Multiplex, a first class facility, available to the Academy.


The City’s partnership with School District # 70 enables the Multiplex facility to be used for the Academy’s exceptional instruction which serves to expand the ability and foundation of our youth. The Academy has attracted a great deal of interest and provides yet another incredible educational opportunity within our community to young people looking to expand their hockey skills at the same time developing the necessary disciplinary skills which will enrich all aspects of their lives.


We look forward to the continued success of the Alberni District Hockey Canada Skills Academy.


Former Mayor Ken McRae

City of Port Alberni


What a great opportunity for young players to take part in a Hockey Canada Skills Academy. To be able to focus solely on improving your individual skill set is a luxury that isn’t available in a team setting. Under the experienced direction of head instructor Rick Schievink, players are given every advantage to maximize their game as they progress through minor hockey and beyond. Get better and have fun doing it!

Jim Hiller - Bulldog Alumni, Tri-City Americans (WHL) Detroit Red Wings (NHL) 

March 14, 2008

To the Staff of the Alberni Valley Hockey Academy:

I am writing to wholeheartedly thank you for the outstanding experience you provided to my goalie son over the 2007/08 season. Matt has played Rep hockey for the past six years, and I can state unequivocally that he has made more gains in his year at your Academy then he had in any other year. He loved the day to day focus on the game and the variety of on ice and off ice activities dedicated to both individual skill development and "systems play" that you provided. As a goalie, my son truly benefited from the specific goalie instruction that you provided at most of the Academy's ice sessions. In all his previous years of minor hockey he had never received this much support and instruction specifically focused the uniquely challenging position of playing goal.

As Matt was living away from home I had not seen him play while he was attending your program throughout the fall of 2007. Then over the Christmas holidays I traveled to Port Alberni to watch him play in the 2007 Midget AA International Tournament. I could not believe the improvement in his game and the confidence and authority that he played with. I am convinced that my son's hockey development has been accelerated through his participation in your program. I am so glad that I enrolled him at this very important stage of his hockey life.

Again thanks to all of you, and keep up the good work!

Yours truly,

Bill Larose
Barrister & Solicitor
Andrew Croll Law Corporation

March 11, 2008

To: Alberni Hockey Academy

The 2007/2008 academy was attended by my son and it turned out to be a tremendous year for him. The academy was very well run, the coaching was great, and Ryan learned a lot. He had his best hockey season ever.

The academy (Rick, Doug and the bulldog staff) did a great job developing Ryan this year. ADSS has also been very good. The teachers are great and my son again is having a tremendous year with his schooling.

I highly recommend the academy to those looking for great hockey development and ADSS for a great education.

Your truly,

Bob Waldhaus

P.S the only bad thing about the academy was one of the teachers is a huge LEAFS fan. :)




1993,1996 & 2009 VIJHL CHAMPIONS



September 14,2010

To Whom it may concern

I am Writing this letter to congratulate everyone involved with Hockey Canada Skills Academy in Port Alberni. I have been the Head Coach here in Oceanside for more than 10 years and over those years we have not had many Port Alberni kids involved in our program. That all changed last year when We had Myles and Leo Fitzgerald who were great young men and fantastic hockey players both have graduated to the Nanaimo Clippers.

This year We have 5 full time players and 5 affiliate players from Port Alberni and I can tell you with 100 % confidence that it is not the Water but the Skills Academy that is teaching these kids the skills necessary to move up the hockey ladder.

Keep up the good Work you are a model for other communities to follow.

Yours in hockey,

Dave Johnston

GM/Head Coach