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Like any course, assessment and evaluation practices vary slightly from class to class and teacher to teacher.  However, there are some practices and policies which are common throughout.

Academy teachers and instructors frequently utilize Hockey Canada's Skills Testing Program.  The information collected through skills testing is used in a variety of ways.  Students can use the skills testing data to assess their learning and identify goals and skills that need further development. Instructors and teachers use the data collected to focus their teaching, guide the feedback they provide, and also to evaluate students at the end of term. For a description of Hockey Canada Skill Testing procedures click on the following link.  Hockey Canada Skills Testing Program

As a course offered through School District 70 for Physical Education Credit students are also assessed and evaluated according to Ministry of Education guidelines.  Ministry of Education Curriculum Documents

Feedback is provided to parents and students in a variety of ways.  Informal feedback is provided to students and parents on a regular basis and can often be provided verbally, through email, or over the phone.  Parents and students are encouraged to regularly check in with their teachers to determine a student's progress in the course.  Formal feedback is provided to students at report card time.  On Ice Instructors frequently provide students with supplemental reports which evaluate their hockey specific skills more directly.

Parents and students are encouraged to contact their individual teacher to determine their specific assessment and evaluation practices.