Citizenship Exam

posted Feb 23, 2011, 8:54 PM by Albany ESOL

The citizenship test consists of an interview, in which the interviewer requires the applicant to complete a series of tasks proving that s/he has a basic knowledge of English and American history and government.  This interview is scheduled only after the applicant submits an N-400.  During the interview, the interviewer will review the application and ask the applicant questions about answers they put on the form.  This is done mainly to determine how well the applicant and speak and understand English. 


Then, the interviewer will ask the applicant 10 civics questions, of which they must answer 6 correctly.  There are 100 possible questions the applicant can study.


The interviewer will then ask the applicant to read a sentence out loud.  There are three sentences the applicant can attempt, but s/he only needs to read one correctly to pass.


After that the applicant must write a sentence that the interviewer dictates.  Again, the applicant will be given three different sentences should s/he be unable to complete any of them. 


Go forth and be prosperous!



The following websites can help you locate study materials for the U.S. citizenship exam for those trying to naturalize: -- this is the link to the 100 civics questions and their answers. -- reading vocabulary flashcards -- writing vocabulary flashcards --Civics flashcards -- reading vocabulary sheet -- writing vocabulary sheet -- the link to a video describing the interview process