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Check out some of the articles, books, magazines, etc. for ideas on method, best practice, lessons, and training.

ESOL Teachers should coordinate with Interns or Staff at USCRI Albany to come view the limited Resource Library, and to copy materials.



The Oxford Picture Dictionary


"Easy English", Living Language, Random House Company - cassette tapes and book


"Intermediate English" -- video tapes


"English for New Americans : Everyday Life Workbook", Living Language, Random House Company -- video tape and book


"Basic English" -- videotapes and workbook


"A Day in the Life of the Gonzalez Family" -- video tape and text book


"Culture Clips" -- video tape (x2)


"English for New Americans: Work and School" -- video tape, cassette tapes, and work books


"Teddy Bears Tell the Time" -- children's book with a built-in clock (that is also in military time) to help learn time vocabulary


"Real-Life English : A Competency-based ESL Program for Adults" -- cassettes and student book (x 2)


"Small Talk: More Jazz Chants" -- audio cassette and workbook


"Read All About It: Book 1" -- audio cassette and workbook


"The Trouble with English: Overcoming Common Problems with North American English" -- audio cassette and workbook


"Student Resource Booklet : Beginning to Read A,B,C" (x 11 + 10 evaluation booklets for tests) -- workbooks


"Student Resource Booklet : Book 1"


"Student Resource Booklet: Book 2"


"Moonbeams Practice Book" (x2) -- workbook for reading and writing


"East of the Sun" -- book: poems and short stories with large type and pictures

We also have worksheets you can photocopy.
Other useful books you might want to check out from your local library:
Easy English: Basic English for Speakers of All Languages.  -- Christopher Warnasch, Copyright 2000 by Living Language, A Random House Company **highly recommended**

The ELT Grammar Book--Richard Firsten and Patricia Killia

The ESL Wonder Workbook #1, This is Me--Elizabeth Claire 

The ESL Wonder Workbook #2, All Around Me--Elizabeth Claire 

The ESL Wonder Workbook - Set of Books 1 & Book 2

Look Who's Talking-- group interaction speech.--Mary Ann Christison and Sharron Bassano

On the Write Track - Student Book-- basic skills for needed for classroom learning.

Teaching English Worldwide-- guide to teaching english. -- Paul Lindsay 

Zero Prep for Beginners-- beginning lessons for learners. --Laurel Pollard and Natalie Hess 

Zero Prep: Ready to Go Activities-- writing and reading activities for beginners.--Laurel Pollard and Natalie Hess
Side by Side -- Steven J. Molinsky (**** teacher recommended)
Chartbook Grammar --- Betty Azar (**** teacher recommended)



USCRI Albany has electronic copies of:


-The 3000 most common words in the English language (worksheets)


-McCarthy, Michael and Felicity O'Dell. English Collocations in Use: How Words Work Together for Fluent and Natural English - Self Study and Classroom Use. Cambridge.


-McCarthy, Michael and Felicity O'Dell.  English Vocabulary in Use: Elementary. Cambridge University Press.  -- "60 Units of vocabulary reference and practice: self-study and classroom use"


-Redman, Stuart. English Vocabulary in Use: Pre-intermediate and Intermediate. Cambridge University Press. -- "100 Units of vocabulary reference and practice: self-study and classroom use"


-Parnwell, E.C. The New Oxford Picture Dictionary: The Monolingual English Edition. New York: Oxford University Press, 1988.




List compiled by: Dan Clark