Photo Storage Drawers

photo storage drawers
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photo storage drawers - 18-Bottle Spice
18-Bottle Spice Organizer with 3 Drawers (White)
18-Bottle Spice Organizer with 3 Drawers (White)
The SpiceStackTM Organizer helps maintain an organized kitchen by cleverly storing your own spices in the cabinet. Patented drawers pull out and lower to resting position, displaying spice bottles at eye-level for easy selection and return while cooking. Just pull out any of the three trays and you'll see nine full-size jars at once (or 18 half-size jars); slide the tray back in, and out of your way, when you're through. SpiceStackTM is made of high-impact, durable plastic and wipes clean with a damp cloth. Plastic organizer sits on a shelf or countertop. Includes 96 outside drawer labels for the ultimate custom spice rack.

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Drill bit holder - closed
Drill bit holder - closed
Here is what I invented to store my drill bits. It's not a drawer... you have to see the next photo. The handle is made with broomstickonia wood, and the panel is MDF recycled from a tile display (I used the tiles, too, but not here). The holes are not for ventilation: they are exactly the size of my little finger, and in the next photo you'll understand the reason. Ecco cosa mi sono inventato per mettere in ordine le mie punte da trapano. Non e un cassetto... dovete vedere la prossima foto. La maniglia e fatta con legno di manicoskoponia, e il pannello e MDF riciclato da un espositore di piastrelle (ho usato anche le piastrelle, ma non qui). I buchi non sono per la ventilazione: sono esattamente della misura del mio mignolo, e nella prossima foto capirete il perche.
Plate storage, what won't fit into the drawers gets put into bins on the shelves. I need to work on bulking up on some colors, but its a work in progress. This takes a bit of time to sort, but I never have to look long when I am building.

photo storage drawers