Travel Backpack With Wheels

travel backpack with wheels
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travel backpack with wheels - NEW CUSCUS
NEW CUSCUS 6200ci 88L Internal Frame Hiking Camp Travel Backpack Gray
NEW CUSCUS 6200ci 88L Internal Frame Hiking Camp Travel Backpack Gray
Made of Polyester with total 5 pockets. Top lid pocket for compass, maps, small essentials or raingear. One large front zippered pocket. Two large zippered side pockets. A separate sleeping bag compartment with detachable divider from main compartment with easy access. Extra webbing holders for attaching additional gear to outside of pack. Many tightening straps with buckles for securing the backpack. PVC coated internal provides excellent water protection. Fits torso: 15 - 21.5 inches. F its waist/hip: 30 - 59 inches. BRAND NEW.

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Tent with a view - Neck Camp
Tent with a view - Neck Camp
Isolated. Magnificent canyon country. Canopy of stars in a black sky at night. See forever in all directions. Camp sites don't come much better than this. The Neck Camp is located in "The Maze district" of Canyonlands National Park in Utah. Check Hans Flat ranger station for information about trips into this rugged scenic area. Many of the roads require high clearance vehicles, four wheel drive, and lots of patience. Your reward is a lot of big wide open beautiful desert country and absolute solitude. After setting up camp we were gone over six hours, not getting back to this camp until long after dark. We backtracked from The Neck Camp back toward Hans Flat Ranger Station then turned off to follow the Flint Trail down a canyon wall via a narrow dirt road with lots of sharp switchbacks. Then we turned off the Flint Trail to reach The Maze Overook for some sunset photo ops. It took three hours of first and second gear four wheel drive travel after dark, to get back from the Maze Overlook to our tents at the Neck Camp. The large rocks at the tent corners were to make certain that if a high wind came up while we were gone, that my tent wouldn't take flight across eastern Utah and end up in Colorado. Our two tent & one truck camp at The Neck Camp was located at N 38 5 31 W 110 8 33. Waterhole Flat is the "meadow" looking area in the distance and the Colorado River Canyon is farther away toward the horizon. My Northface mountain tent works great in the desert without the rainfly. Good ventilation and a generous view of the stars. It also let the sweet aroma of the juniper trees creep into the tent in the morning. I did have my rainfly rolled up inside the tent (North Face Cirrus) at the foot of my sleeping bag........just in case. Note: my favorite tents are this North Face Cirrus for summer/spring and for four season backpacking and camping I use my old North Face Mountain-24. For solo backpacking and camping I use a North Face Tadpole 23 (GREAT tent). We passed along our REI dome tent to our daughter. I also have a three hoop; one waterproof wall; Marmot tent which is little more than an enclosed bivy-sack with ventilation and a little head room that get used on occasional light weight solo backpacking trips. Same with a Walrus bug hut. [My wife worked for years at REI and I never found a tent or a day pack that I didn't love and need to have].
Promotional Items-Xpeditor Wheeled Computer Backpack 3172
Promotional Items-Xpeditor Wheeled Computer Backpack  3172
The best of both worlds! A carry-on sized wheeled travel pack that converts to backpack carry when the going gets rough Made of 600 denier polyester Many features for the busy traveler... Padded computer pouch and file pockets inside main compartment. Side zippered accessory pocket with an identification window Detachable zippered Day Pack has inside organizer and backpack straps Side mesh pocket and zippered pocket that's great for a cell phone, wallet, etc. Telescopic handle and padded, adjustable shoulder straps Product size: 13-1/2" W x 19-3/4" H x 9" D - Including wheel height, handle not extended Maximum qty is 100.

travel backpack with wheels
travel backpack with wheels
Extra Large Beverly Bay Touring Backpack with Wheels
Beverly Bay, a 4th generation family owned business since the 1950's, offers a large array of top-quality, innovative products. Although most Beverly Bay items are sold at retail stores throughout the country, only select items are sold FACTORY DIRECT to the customer at UNBEATABLE wholesale prices. This huge backpack with wheels works great for any type of travel and is especially useful for students who travel overseas to backpack or study. The bag can be carried like a backpack or pulled using its heavy duty wheels and handle. The large interior space holds more than a weeks worth of clothes and the detachable day pack is perfect for daytime excursions. With a two year warranty, and a customer service team that stands behind all Beverly Bay products, you cant go wrong with this extremely durable and versatile bag.