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Cheap Wheel Covers

cheap wheel covers
    wheel covers
  • (Wheel cover) A hubcap, wheel cover or wheel trim is a decorative disk on an automobile wheel that covers at least a central portion of the wheel. Cars with stamped steel wheels often use a full wheel cover that conceals the entire wheel.
  • A decorative metal or plastic disc that obscures a vehicles stamped steel wheels, lug nuts and/or hubs from view.
  • The first Cadillac wheel covers were introduced in 1932;  it is rumored that chauffeurs and owners alike were getting tired of cleaning spoked wheels!
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Architecture Studio
Architecture Studio
Every student in the architecture program, including freshman has a 5'x5' studio space in the architecture building which includes a drafting table, stool, and shelf. This is mine from my first semester of freshman year. During orientation, we got a list of all the stuff we were expected to get for studio, including, a parallel rule, board cover, toolbox, desk lamp, etc, drawing triangles, architectural scales, lead pointers and holders, cutting matt ect. I got everything that was on the list but it is best to see which studio professor you have in case there is something on the list that you won't be using. If you need to pick something extra up, the school store has mostly all the architecture supplies you'll need. For cheaper supplies, there is Utrecht and the RIS-D store in Providence which are right on the route 60 bus line. Utrecht has discount cards, so I suggest getting one on your first trip there. Also, for people with cars, there is the Riverside Art store on route 6 which is a little closer than Providence. They offer a discount card, and they send you money based on the percentage of money that you spend there.
"Red 5", Horten 229, 1946?
"Red 5", Horten 229, 1946?
Super-basic 72nd scale 'PM' Models kit from Turkey, and super-cheap like the P.1111. Not even in the same league as the Revell or Dragon offerings, but still a fun build, if only for the paint scheme. Has the same paint job on the underside and fake canopy painted on the nose wheel cover. Radar aerials and cannons were scratchbuilt, unit and a/c numbers from the spares box....................

cheap wheel covers