> why i'm running

I'm running for Chair of WIN because I have loved serving you on the EC this year as Membership Director, and would be honored to continue my service to you and to our incredible community of women.

As Membership Director, I'm proud to announce to you that I met my goal of doubling WIN membership in one year, and that I led many innovative new programs including a Victory Happy Hour, two Membership Drives, a WIN Spring Picnic, a comprehensive membership survey, and a completely re-done WIN 101 that really informed and connected new members.

I've talked to a lot of people in formulating my ideas for next year - and they're all listed on my goals page. I hope you'll read them over and email me with your own ideas.

In just a few years, many of us will be running non-profits, businesses, and this country.  As Chair, I will work to ensure that WIN offers a community of supportive women, dedicated to appreciating and inspiring each other, and sharing our knowledge and our success – so that we become incredible leaders.  Together, we can set a new standard for feminist leadership.