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Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Computer Aided Verification (CAV'16), 28% acceptance rate.
S. Chaudhuri and A. Farzan (Eds.): CAV 2016, Part II, LNCS 9780, pp. 1–17, 2016. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-41540-6 3 
Authors: Alastair ReidRick Chen, Anastasios Deligiannis, David Gilday, David Hoyes, Will Keen, Ashan Pathirane, Owen ShepherdPeter Vrabel, Ali Zaidi

Proceedings of the 2014 Conference on Design, Automation and Test in Europe, 22% acceptance rate
Authors: Matthias Boettcher, Bashir M Al-Hashimi, Mbou Eyole, Giacomo GabrielliAlastair Reid

SoC-C: efficient programming abstractions for heterogeneous multicore systems on chip
Proceedings of the 2008 international conference on Compilers, architectures and synthesis for embedded systems (CASES'08), 2008, 33% acceptance rate
Authors: Alastair Reid, Krisztian Flautner, Edmund Grimley-Evans, Yuan Lin
41st IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO), 2008, 19% acceptance rate
Authors: Mark Woh, Yuan Lin, Sangwon Seo, Scott Mahlke, Trevor Mudge, Chaitali Chakrabarti,Richard Bruce, Alastair Reid, Danny Kershaw, Mladen Wilder, Krisztian Flautner

Low-cost Techniques for Reducing Branch Context Pollution in a Soft Realtime Embedded Multithreaded Processor
19th International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing (SBAC-PAD'07), October 2007
Authors: Emre Ozer, Alastair Reid, Stuart Biles

Design and implementation of turbo decoders for software defined radio
In Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems (SiPS) Volume: 06, Pages: 22-27 2006
Authors: Yuan Lin, Scott Mahlke, Trevor Mudge, Chaitali Chakrabarti, Alastair ReidKrisztian Flautner

SPEX: A programming language for software defined radio
Software Defined Radio Technical Conference and Product Exposition, 2006
Authors: Yuan Lin, Robert Mullenix, Mark Woh, Scott Mahlke, Trevor Mudge,  Alastair Reid, Krisztián Flautner

Eliminating stack overflow by abstract interpretation
ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, Volume 4 Issue 4, November 2005
Authors: John Regehr, Alastair ReidKirk Webb

HOIST: a system for automatically deriving static analyzers for embedded systems
Proceedings of the 11th international conference on Architectural support for programming languages and operating systems (ASPLOS), December 2004, 14% acceptance rate
Authors: John Regehr,  Alastair Reid

Evolving real-time systems using hierarchical scheduling and concurrency analysis
24th IEEE International Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS'03), December 2003
Authors: John RegehrAlastair Reid, Kirk Webb, Michael Parker, Jay Lepreau
Authors: Manuel Chakravarty, Sigbjorn Finne, Fergus Henderson, Marcin Kowalczyk,
Daan Leijen, Simon Marlow, Erik Meijer, Sven Panne, Simon Peyton Jones, Alastair Reid,
Malcolm Wallace, Michael Weber

Static and Dynamic Structure in Design Patterns
24th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE '02), May 2002, 15% acceptance rate
Authors: Eric Eide, Alastair ReidJohn Regehr, Jay Lepreau

Lock inference for systems software
Proceedings of the Second AOSD Workshop on Aspects, Components, and Patterns for Infrastructure Software (ACP4IS), 2003
Authors:  John Regehr, Alastair Reid

The Hugs Graphics Library
Authors: Alastair Reid

FVision: A Declarative Language for Visual Tracking
Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages (PADL), 2001
Authors: Alastair Reid, John Peterson, Paul Hudak, Greg Hager

Aspect Weaving as Component Knitting: Separating Concerns with Knit
Workshop on Advanced Separation of Concerns in Software Engineering, 2001
Authors: Alastair Reid

Knit: Component Composition for Systems Software
Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI 2000), pages 347-360. October 2000
Authors: Alastair Reid, Matthew Flatt, Leigh Stoller, Jay Lepreau, Eric Eide

Prototyping Real-Time Vision Systems: An Experiment in DSL Design
Proceedings of the 21st international conference on Software engineering (ICSE), 1999, 19% acceptance rate
Authors: Alastair Reid, Greg Hager, John Peterson, Paul Hudak

A Semantics for Imprecise Exceptions
Proceedings of Programming language design and implementation (PLDI'99), 1999, 20% acceptance rate
Authors: Simon Peyton Jones, Alastair ReidFergus Henderson, Tony Hoare, Simon Marlow

Putting the Spine Back in the Spineless Tagless G-Machine: An Implementation of Resumable Black-Holes
Selected Papers from the 10th International Workshop on Implementing Functional Languages (IFL), 1999
Authors: Alastair Reid

Handling Exceptions in Haskell
Authors: Alastair Reid

Adding Records to Haskell
Authors: Alastair Reid, John Peterson

Report on the programming language haskell, a non-strict purely-functional programming language, version 1.3
Authors: Alastair Reid, et al.

Green Card: a foreign-language interface for Haskell
Proceedings of the Haskell Workshop, Amsterdam, June 1997, January 1997
Authors: Alastair Reid, Thomas Nordin, Simon Peyton Jones

Malloc Pointers and Stable Pointers: Improving Haskell's Foreign Language Interface
Proceedings of Glasgow Functional Programming Workshop, 1994
Authors: Alastair Reid

Implementing Fudgets with Standard Widget Sets
Proceedings of Glasgow Functional Programming Workshop, 1993
Authors: Alastair Reid, Satnam Singh
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