2017 Divan

Congratulations to the Nobles elected and appointed to represent the Al Aska Shrine on the 2016 Divan.

Elected Divan
Potentate: Ill. Sir Kevin McKinley (and his Lady Beth)
Chief Rabban: Noble Larry White
Assistant Rabban: Noble Jack Clouse (and his Lady Cheryl)
High Priest and Prophet: Noble Kevin Tennant (and his Lady Tamera)
Oriental Guide: Noble James Herrington (and his Lady Chia Ann) 
Treasurer: Ill. Sir Fred Angleton
Recorder: Ill. Sir Dale Cain

Appointed Divan
First Ceremonial Master: Noble Norm Gutcher
Second Ceremonial Master: Noble Larry Sutton
Marshal: Noble Andy Dickinson
Captain of the Guard: Noble Dan Bale
Outer Guard: Noble Michael Horton
Chaplain: Noble Mike Hoskin
Keeper of Emblems & Jewels: OPEN
Director: Noble Rodney Young

Please support these Nobles (and their Ladies) in their leadership this year.