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Puzzles, Quizzes and Other Fun

Humor is a sign of intelligence - most Alaska Mensans like to laugh.

American Mensa Academy, American Mensa's official mobile app!

This fun app provides the ultimate brain-training challenge. 

Share the news with non-Mensans who want to improve their problem-solving skills in logic, mathematics, language and visual learning. The app lets you gauge improvement with a local score table and compare results with the world through the integrated Game Center global leaderboard.

The app is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows mobile platforms. 

Learn more about the Mensa Brain Test at 


What are some of the events we host?

  • Potlucks
  • Movie nights
  • Saturday Breakfast
  • Games Night
  • Detroit Treasure Hunt
  • Murder Mystery
  • Eagle River Dinner
  • Judging the Lego League Robotics Tournament
  • Judging the Science Olympiad
  • The Bizbee (Adult Spelling Bee to raise money for the Anchorage Literacy Project)

Fact or Fiction

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Famous Optical Illusions

Do you know your Alphabet?
A Quiz passed on by Tom Hough

Tell us what the answer is by using one letter:
1.    A Vegetable   __P__
2.    A Drink   _____
3.    A Body of Water   _____
4.    A Part of the Head _____
5.    A Bird   _____
6.    An Insect  _____
7.    A Female Sheep   _____
8.    An Actor's Signal _____
9.    An Exclamation   _____
10.    A Query  _____

This time you can use two letters:
1.    Chilly  _____
2.    Too Much   _____
3.    Rot   _____
4.    Not Hard   _____
5.    Vacant   _____
6.    Jealousy   _____
7.    Composition   _____
8.    Indian Tent   _____
9.    Poorly Dressed   _____

This is one of the winners.

Recommended Game: Crayon Physics
from Ben Nilsson

is a 2D physics puzzle / sandbox game, in which you get to experience what it would be like if your drawings would be magically transformed into real physical objects. Solve puzzles with your artistic vision and creative use of physics.

A Puzzle:

If 2+3=8                                              5+8=60


3+7=27                                               6+7=72


99% of the people will not answer it correctly.

Martin brought this to Saturday breakfast, and some of us spent more than 45 minutes trying to figure it out.  Out of the 8 Mensans there, only CAROL SCHLITTE got it right! Congratulations to Carol!

Wanted: Math Haikus!

Please contact Amy Whinston if you know of or can write math haikus.  Thanks!

One of Tom Hough's favorites:
Do you have a particular fascination about an oddball topic?  Do you just want to have some good conversations about things that interest you?  Check out American Mensa's SIGs List and see if there's something of interest for you!

Recommended Fun Sites

The Mensa Store sells everything from T-shirts with funny sayings to more classy logo shirts, hats, coffee cups, puzzles and more. Great to bring to gatherings or to identify new members in a crowd!

Mental Floss magazine and website. Entertaining and educational at the same time.

Lumosity-advertises that using this site will make you smarter.
Sporkle - lots of quizzes on many subjects, both trivia and important. How much have you forgotten since 8th grade?


We enjoy having Speakers come in and talk to us about everything under the sun!  We've found that people's hobbies are very informative and interesting.  Here is a list of past speakers, and what their topics were:
Hosted Speakers

Tom Hough -- Emergency Preparedness

Mike Campbell - Folk singing

Mary Wells - 

Chad Carpenter - Alaska's Most Famous Cartoonist

Mike Doogan - Writing for the press in Alaska

Detective Glen Klinkhart - Child Predators

Mike Mitchell - Battle Canes for personal defense

LTC Stephen Castlen - 

Carl and Mary Rose Clark - Cave exploring (spelunking)

Bill Fleming - Geodetics

Don Naff - Tarot, Fact & Fiction

Julius Brecht - How Big is the Universe? From an astronomer's perspective, with a cool powerpoint show

Darron Swain - Camouflage, secrets from an Army sniper

Denise Yancey and The Anchorage Fencing Club - Modern fencing with demonstrations of foil, epee and sabre matches

Pat Jansen - Kites and puzzles of the modern age

Art Weeks - Libraries and the First amendment, told from the viewpoint of the Chief Municipal Librarian

Note: we are always looking for new speakers.  Maybe you have a passion about something and you'd like to share it with others.  We would love to listen!  Contact our Program Chair, Betsy Campbell, to set it up!