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Photography by Alaska Mensans

Alvie Yancey and his dog, Buck, take Mensan Jennifer Michel, originally from Wisconsin and now in the Air Force, for her first 4-wheeler ride up to Knik Glacier near Palmer, Alaska. 

This remote area is also where the serial killer Butcher Baker dumped most of his victims' bodies back in the 1980's - parts of the movie "The Frozen Ground" was filmed here.

 By the end Jenny was driving with the best of them!  The glacier silt make a mud that's like concrete or tar as it dries.
While at the “Fairbanks Summer Art Festival” (last two weeks of July), Mensan Sidney Kelley watched the July 23 Fairbanks “Red Green Regatta”, named after the Public TV Legend. Photo by Sidney Kelley

Mensan Sidney Kelley at the Portland Mensa AG, which shared the weekend with the Portland Blues Festival; Elvis couldn’t make it.2011 Portland Mensa Annual Gathering dinner at the “Horse Brass”

Name these A
laskan feet:
Photos by Denise K. Yancey
Iditarod 2011 Sled Dog Race beginning in Anchorage and ending in Nome.  Several Mensans are volunteers for this event each year. Photo by Denise K. Yancey

Bull moose relaxes in our neighbor's backyard. Not hurting anyone -- just sitting quietly... Photo by Denise K. Yancey 
hard scrabble in the Alaskan wild
hard scrabble for a hungry bird along the Alaskan Railroad
Ash covered the snow in the March 2009 volcano eruption, giving every flat surface in gray. Photo by Denise K. Yancey

A license plate number that is memorable but not personal. I get lots of thumbs up from those who get it! Photo by Denise K. Yancey

Cooper Landing, Alaska, after hiking up the other side of the valley you're seeing.  Photo by Alvie E. Yancey 
Why did the Moose cross the road? (I'm waiting for a pithy answer!) Photo by Denise K. Yancey
This is a Mensan Dog - he knows the easy way to go four-wheeling! Photo by Denise K. Yancey

You Otter be In Portland - for the 2012 Annual Gathering! Shown, Norma Gertson

Barrow, Alaskans Visit Anchorage!
There are only three Mensans in the Northernmost town of Barrow, Alaska and two of them - who had never met -- happened to show up at Mensa breakfast in Anchorage one Saturday morning in May! It's a small world!

High noon in Barrow, Alaska, facing south, five days before winter solstice. Photo by Sidney Kelley.

Salmon seem to be floating in air in this photo...Photo by Denise K. Yancey
Tok, Alaskan Mensan Pam Lehman (far left) attends Saturday Morning Breakfast at Doriola's in Anchorage.  She tells hair raising tales of what it's like to live in a little town on the border of Alaska and Canada.

Scrabble Scramble for the Anchorage Literacy Project. Mensans Marie Lundstrom, Norma Gertson, Denise Yancey and Dana Spinney (taking the photo) represented Mensa and competed in a fund raiser for the non-profit group that teaches adults to read.  We didn't win, but we advertised a bit for Mensa, had a good time, and raised some money for this worthy cause. Marie paid for the group's table out of her own pocket.

Anchorage had a record snowfall this 2011-2012 winter season.  This is the view from the front door to the driveway of Denise Yancey's house. The snow has compacted over time -- if not, it would be much, much deeper.
Mensan Victoria Yancey painting the Deshka River in Alaska
Rosehips are high in vitamin C, and make great tea and jelly.  The moose enjoy them too.
In the spring, newly growing spruce tips make great tea as well.