Trees and Scionwood for Sale

Trees and Scionwood for Sale

We graft trees for sale each spring, and start selling those trees in late May. We prefer to sell trees that have been through at least one Fairbanks winter, because we feel that gives you a better quality product and a better chance of success.

The varieties listed below and that we graft for sale are those that we have found to do well in the interior of Alaska and which have characteristics that most people are looking for, such as hardiness, flavor, texture, size and productivity.

The varieties we have available for sale in 2020 include:


Advance Clair 4 Clair 9 Garland Heyer 12 Heyer 20 Lee 17

Lee 31 Nicky Prairie Sensation Prairie Sun Parkland Patterson

PF 21 Redstar Rescue September Ruby Shafer Trailman


Manchester Plum Assinboine Plum Vic Red Plum


Carmine Jewel Cherries Evans Cherries Juliet Cherries Romeo Cherries


Aurora Honeyberries

Berry Blue Honeyberries

We will sell also other varieties of trees if we have them, and will graft trees by request.

  • Apple, pear and plum trees that have not gone through a winter are $25 each, I add $10 per winter (or year of age).
  • We prefer to sell trees that have weathered at least one winter, as not all of the trees survive their first winter. Variations in rootstock leads to 10-20% not being hardy enough for Fairbanks winters
  • We offer discounts for larger orders (10% for over 10 trees, 15% for over 20 trees)
  • We bare-root and ship trees around Alaska and the Lower 48 via the U.S. Post Office. Shipping for trees is $10.00 plus 10% of the order.

We also sell and trade scionwood for $4/stick. Varieties available will vary from year to year, but most of our trees are now large enough to provide at least a small amount of wood. If they are not, or don't put on the wood, we will tell you. Sticks are usually around 9" long and good for 2-3 grafts of 2 buds each.

Please inquire about availability by email, and we'll figure it out -