Hanging Flower Containers

hanging flower containers
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hanging flower containers - The Original
The Original Al's Flower Pouch - 6 Slots
The Original Al's Flower Pouch - 6 Slots
Watch your profits increase with Als Flower Pouches. These are the original, time tested pouches that ensure the success you expect. The slits are precut to save time, are spaced to maximize coverage, and are on one side of the bag for easy shipping. The patented handle is fused to increase strength to over 11 mil so it will not stretch or become brittle. Available in three sizes including the original 10 slit (8" x 20") that allows for great coverage, the 5 slit (8" x 20") that is designed for larger or premium plugs, and the Mini-pouch that has 6 slots (8 1/4" x 12 1/2"), designed for growing vegetables, herbs, and for growers using 15" shipping carts. Priced each, minimum order of 10 pouches.

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10 oz Square Chunk Container
10 oz Square Chunk Container
For those of you who like the look of our chunk candles but prefer a container candle, here is your solution. Our Chunk Candles are a different approach in designing candles by arranging colorful wax chunks to achieve a unique look. Add some color to your house with our decorative chunk candles. Available in your choice of scent. Please specify scent choice from the list below. If you would like custom colors please specify. Otherwise we will use our standard colors for the scent chosen. Also available unscented. Approximate burn time 60 - 80 hours ______________________________________________________________ Please see our profile for more details. ______________________________________________________________ Amber Romance® Type - A Victoria's Secret Type favorite. Beautiful, rich amber is enhanced with fruity top notes to create a very seductive scent. It's pure romance! Recommended color = Orange. Amber Romance® is a registered trademark of Victoria's Secret. Apple Pie - The wonderful scent of a freshly baked warm apple pie right out of the oven. Aqua Di Gio® Type – Smells like the Giorgio Armani cologne for men, Aqua Di Gio Aqua Di Gio™ is a trademark of GA Modefine S.A. Company Banana Nut Bread - Fresh out of the oven. Blueberry - The wonderful scent of fresh blueberries. Bubble Gum - Yep, it's bubble gum scented. Butt Naked - A fun fruity blend of bananas and berries. Perfect for spring and summer. Butterscotch - Smells like the little yellow round candies. Cherry - The aroma of fresh tart red cherries. Chocolate Mint - Smells like Andes Thin Mints. Cinnamon Red Hot - A "hot" scent! Just like the candies! Recommended color - Red *Best Seller* Cinnamon Roll - The smell of warm fresh cinnamon rolls right out of the oven. Yummy. Citrus Musk - An intoxicating blend of bright citrus and alluring musk. Coconut Lime - A delicious tropical blend of coconut and lime. Cucumber Melon - A perfect blend of Wild Watermelon, Cucumber and Honeydew creates this incredibly fresh & fun fragrance! Ginger Plum - A well balanced fragrance consisting of warm ginger essence combined with juicy plums. Grandma's Kitchen - A warm inviting mix of spices including allspice, cloves, and cinnamon. Just like baking with grandma. Honeydew Melon– The smell of sweet juicy honeydew melons Honeysuckle - A sweet flowering vine with one of the most loved floral scents. Holiday Wish – Our version of “Christmas Wish” from Yankee Candle. A wonderful Christmas treat. A unique blend of hints of lemon, orange, cedar wood and pine all nestled in a warm, rich vanilla cookie base. It reminds me of a kitchen filled with freshly baked sugar cookies surrounded by pine and pinecones scented in a fireplace. Irish Coffee - An incredible blend of Baileys & Brown Sugar. Sure to please any coffee lover. Island Fresh - The wonderful aroma of Gain Island Fresh Fabric Softener. Smells just like an ocean breeze on a tropical island. Fresh ozony tops notes, followed by fresh greenery, lavender, vanilla, rose , jasmine, and melon, with bottom notes of fresh air. Lavender - A true and herbal lavender. Lemon Drop - Just like the little yellow candies. Lick Me All Over - A truely delicious scent - smells good enough to eat. A wonderful exotic fragrance with base notes of raspberry, cantaloupe, and watermelon, middle notes of jasmine and violet, and fresh top notes of grapefruit and kumquat. Lilac - The aroma of a freshly blooming lilac bush. Lily of the Valley - This English wildflower lends the woods a sweet, magical fragrance with it's tiny white bell-shaped hanging flowers. Love Spell (VS Type) - A Victoria's Secret Type Favorite. An absolutely tantalizing fragrance composed of sweet bouquet of mandarin orange, bergamot, and tangerine enhanced by hints of fresh peaches, strawberries, and raspberries on an undertone of white musk. Maple Toddy – A wonderful rich and sweet maple "toddy" with sweet vanilla and rum at the base. Northwoods Forest - The familiar smell of pine trees. Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey - The great smell of oatmeal with just the right touch of honey. Ocean Breeze - A very clean and fresh scent. Want the fresh scent of the ocean on a mid summer morning? Peach - The sweet smell of fresh peaches. Pear - The wonderful aroma of a ripened pear, with cool base notes of fresh greenery. Peppermint - A wonderful frosty, cool, uplifting peppermint! Plumeria - A Hawaiian flower commonly used in leis. Very strong but smooth perfumey floral scent. Pumpkin Pie - A rich pumpkin pie scent with just a touch of spice. Get out the whip cream! Sandalwood - The dark and exotic, rich and sweet, woody and floral scent of Indian sandalwood. Relaxing and earthy. Strawberries ‘n Cream - A sweet and light blend of strawberry and creamy vanilla with a nice scent throw. Sun Ripened Raspberry - Our version of the popular raspberry scent from Bath & Body Works. Sweet Pea® Type - Sweet and enchanting
Hanging Container
Hanging Container
Two of the three plants in here I've had for a year; I was pleasantly surprised when they re-grew this year. They are the yellow-green one at the top, which is called Creeping Jenny, and the green and white one on the right, which is called Dead Nettle. The new plant I added this year is the one on the left, but I have no idea what it is, as I accidentally threw the tag away.

hanging flower containers