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Girls Flower Hair Clips

girls flower hair clips
    hair clips
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flower hair clips - Lavender ish purple blue
flower hair clips - Lavender ish purple blue
Two flower hair clips. The flowers are blue with a purple strip down each petal. the purple fades into the blue to make it look more lavender from a distance. The outside of each petal is lined with pale green glitter. The center of each flower has a plastic bead with pale green glitter underneath giving it a cute bubble look and all that pale green glitter blends the flower nicely into the bright green hair clip. Best of all, these hair clips look good for any age. They look adorable on babies, super cute on little girls, and a little more sophisitcated-cute on teenagers and adults.
Orange Flowers on Pink Polka Dot Hair Clips
Orange Flowers on Pink Polka Dot Hair Clips
This is definitely my favorite of all the hair clips that I've created so far. I love the bright and contrasting colors. It was so difficult for me to get my 1-year-old to model these hair clips for you, but in the end all it took was a cookie : )

girls flower hair clips