Flower Holders For Wedding

flower holders for wedding
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flower holders for wedding - Damned (Crusade)
Damned (Crusade)
Damned (Crusade)
Vampires—the Cursed Ones—have made their presence known to mankind…and declared war on humanity. Most people are too afraid or unwilling to take a stand, but eighteen-year-old Jenn Leitner trains to become a vampire fighter, risking everything in the process.
When Jenn falls for Antonio, a vampire fighting on the side of humanity, she discovers a love that transcends attraction and physical consummation—but before the couple can reconcile their forbidden affair, they must bring light into the darkness that vampires have spread across the world.

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Shabby Chic Garden Wedding Cupcakes
Shabby Chic Garden Wedding Cupcakes
Awww this is as girly as girly gets. I made cupcakes for fellow Ateneans, Janelle and Theo Sunico over the weekend. one of the prettiest sets i've ever made. the colors were perfect. shades of pink with white and sage. the color is actually called juniper green. i put flowers and butterflies on the cupcakes, in various colors. then to set up these 200 cupcakes, i simply used an existing cupcake stand and lined it up with lace. here's a recent addition too --- his and hers cupcake holders for the bride and groom. then to top the set up, i added a simple white-on-white cake with a swirly design.
Wedding Cake Card Holder
Wedding Cake Card Holder
I made this for a friend's wedding a few years ago. It's supposed to look like a cake and people put cards in it for the couple. It's just white fabric glued to a hat box. Lavender flowers and trim are glued around the outside.

flower holders for wedding
flower holders for wedding
Booginhead Pacifier Holder, Blue/Green/White
BooginHead Booginhead Pacifier Holder- Blue/Green/White
No more lost or dirty pacifiers. PaciGrip Universal Pacifier Holder (formerly BinkiGrip) was created from the same company that brought you SippiGrip in matching colors and patterns. The PaciGrip is made out of washable and durable material with a clasp strong enough to hold against a child's pull but gentle enough not to damage their clothing. Its unique loop attachment is easy to use and compatible with ALL pacifiers such as Soothie, MAM, Avent and more. All BooginHead Products are Parent Invented, Award Winning and thoroughly tested for safety.

Features include:

•Washable, durable and non toxic
•Strong clasp that won't bull off but is gentle on clothes
•Available in matching SippiGrip Patterns
•Fits any pacifier type