Flower garland pictures - Purple flowering plants

Flower Garland Pictures

flower garland pictures
    flower garland
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flower garland pictures - FLOWER GARLAND
FLOWER GARLAND Suncatcher Window 11x22 Glass Panel Framed
FLOWER GARLAND Suncatcher Window 11x22 Glass Panel Framed
Wood-framed in high-quality Wisconsin hardwood, this panel of art glass comes with frame-top hooks & chain for hanging. Like no other product, art glass delivers high visual impact! The rich, vibrant look of stained glass enhances every decor, customers are sure to find the stained glass piece that that perfectly suits their taste! Our hand-painted art glass panels are rendered in brilliantly-colored crystalline, translucent and frosted lacquers -- in a remarkable process that let's everyone bring the spectacular beauty of traditional stained glass into their homes, at very affordable prices.

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India - Madurai - 026
India - Madurai - 026
So totally at random, I got suggested to check out festivities going on that day in Madurai and found myself in the middle of a boisterous and excited, but very peaceful political rally and celebration. Oct 30 marked Thevar jayanthi, a celebration of the birthday of U. Muthuramalingam Thevar, a renowned and revered political leader and activist of the '30s to '50s. Members of various groups of the All-India Forward Bloc and several current and senior political leaders of various parties marched, rallied and gathered to pay homage to him, focused on his statue. Groups climbed the stairs to lay large flower garlands around the statue's neck amidst great cheering and revelry. If you want to see India at its most celebratory (and often volatile, although celebrations this day were mostly peaceful), watching its political rallies are the way to do it. Everyone there was so thrilled to have me cheering with them (despite me not having a clue what it was about except knowing it was political due to the profusion of flags like a field of poppies) and taking photos, usually demanding (via even more loud cheering) pictures, often pulling me right from one group posing to theirs!
Garland Necklace with Spring Buds Wild Flowers
Garland Necklace with Spring Buds Wild Flowers
A garland is defined as a "wreath or woven chain of flowers which can be hung round a person's neck to signify honor, triumph and beauty." My garland necklace is feminine, romantic and versatile! The wildflowers are detachable so you can wear both on one side, one on each side or perhaps, none at all! Pictures show the many ways you can wear this necklace, the last picture shows the necklace sans wildflowers: a simple and elegant everyday necklace to adorn you. Lively lime green vintage fabric is hand cut and hand formed to create wildflowers, accented by paper white rice faux pearls. An aged strip of knotted lace adds old world romance! The necklace offers vintage flocked lime green beads, rescued from an old broken necklace hanging from a vintage gold tone chain with a hook and loop clasp. Approximately 18" long. Wildflowers are approximately 2.5" and 2" in diameter. Please click on my profile for more details about my Etsy business. Thank you.

flower garland pictures
flower garland pictures
Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Garland of Flowers - 24"W x 18"H Removable Graphic
WallMonkeys wall graphics are printed on the highest quality re-positionable, self-adhesive fabric paper. Each order is printed in-house and on-demand. WallMonkeys uses premium materials & state-of-the-art production technologies. Our white fabric material is superior to vinyl decals. You can literally see and feel the difference. Our wall graphics apply in minutes and won't damage your paint or leave any mess. PLEASE double check the size of the image you are ordering prior to clicking the 'ADD TO CART' button. Our graphics are offered in a variety of sizes and prices.
WallMonkeys are intended for indoor use only.
Printed on-demand in the United States Your order will ship within 3 business days, often sooner. Some orders require the full 3 days to allow dark colors and inks to fully dry prior to shipping. Quality is worth waiting an extra day for!
Removable and will not leave a mark on your walls.
'Fotolia' trademark will be removed when printed.
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