Upcoming Events

Association meetings are held four times per year on the second Tuesday of the month. Our 2017 meetings are scheduled for the following dates, times, and locations:

  • AKABA Meeting
    January 10 @ 6:30p - Natural Sciences Building Rm 202

  • AKABA Meeting
    April 11 @ 6:30p - UAA Social Sciences Building Rm 303Q (Directions)

  • AKABA Meeting
    July 11 @ 6:30p - UAA Center for Human Development Meeting Room

  • AKABA Meeting
    October 10 @ 6:30p Location TBD

  • AKABA First Annual Conference
    November 16 & November 17 on UAA Goose Lake/Main Campus. Click HERE to learn more about the conference!

For more information about upcoming events, see our calendar below or become an AKABA Member for email updates!

AKABA Upcoming Events