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Software Launch: Visualizing Rhythm in Hindi Verse

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Vani Murarka

We can sense the rhythm in verse while we read it. Poets and song writers can sense it while they write. Those writers clued-in into the technicalities of meter in verse, know how to check their meter by counting the beats on their fingers, in their heads or by jotting down on paper.

Many techniques have been created to visualize the rhythm in music. How can we tangibly see the rhythm in written verse?

The software “Geet Gatiroop” is a visualization technique which shows the rhythmic patterns in Hindi poems and songs.

These lines of the famous poem Satpura Ke Ghane Jungle by Bhawaniprasad Misra are visualized as:


نشعر بإيقاع الشعر أثناء قراءته، وذلك ما يحس به الشعراء وكتاب الأغاني أثناء كتابتهم. وهم على بينة من تقنيات الوزن في الشعر، ويعرفون كيف يختبرون الوزن بعد الطَّرْقاتِ على أصابعهم أو هز رؤوسهم، أو

 بالترميز على الورق.

اخترعت عدة أساليب لتمثيل الإيقاع الموسيقي بصريا ، فكيف لنا أن نصور الإيقاع في الشعر بشكل مرئي ملموس.

برنامج  “Geet Gatiroop    يمكن من تصوير الأنماط الإيقاعية في الشعر والأغاني الهندية

وهذا الشكل يمثل وزن / إيقاع  أبيات شعر مشهورة.


Greg once showed a series of sketches that used shapes to represent various numbers and rhythms. His plan was to turn them into floor patterns that could be physically maneuvered through. The representational parts are spaces that are moved through as the rhythms corresponding to their shapes are played. This is a brilliant example of how Gardner's "visual-spatial" cognitive model can be explored. See the image below of Greg’s sketches, it is a 10+10+12 pattern, each shape could represent a possible number division such as- Black Triangle= 3 (2+1), Grey Triangle= 2 and Black Dot= 3 (1+2), 3+2+2+3=10 which is repeated and then last series of shapes could be 3+3+3+3=12. Each differing shape and color can represent a different timbre 
or part of the body for body percussion, the representative possibilities and it's effect on the imagination are almost endless.




صُنتُ نَفسي عَمّا يُدَنِّسُ نَفسي                 وَتَرَفَّعتُ عَن جَدا كُلِّ جِبسِ

وَتَماسَكتُ حينَ زَعزَعَني الدَ                   ـرُ التِماسًا مِنهُ لِتَعسي وَنَكسي

بُلَغٌ مِن صُبابَةِ العَيشِ عِندي                    طَفَّفَتها الأَيّامُ تَطفيفَ بَخسِ

وَبَعيدٌ مابَينَ وارِدِ رِفَهٍ                           عَلَلٍ شُربُهُ وَوارِدِ خِمسِ

وَكَأَنَّ الزَمانَ أَصبَحَ مَحمو                      لًا هَواهُ مَعَ الأَخَسِّ الأَخَسِّ

 والرموز تعني :

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وقد تمت إضافة مثال على تطبيقه في كل منهما.