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Does Flip Camera Take Pictures

does flip camera take pictures
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  • A camera is a device that records/stores images. These images may be still photographs or moving images such as videos or movies. The term camera comes from the camera obscura (Latin for "dark chamber"), an early mechanism for projecting images. The modern camera evolved from the camera obscura.
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does flip camera take pictures - Flip Video
Flip Video Cables HDMI
Flip Video Cables HDMI
The Flip Video HDMI Cables let you watch the vivid, vibrant HD video you-Feetve shot using your Flip UltraHD or MinoHD 2nd Gen Camcorder directly on your HDTV. Each pack comes with two cables: a short (2-Feet) cable that’s ideal for traveling, and a longer (6.5-Feet) cable that-Feets perfect for use at home. Simply connect the mini-HDMI connector-end to your Flip Video HD camcorder, and the standard HDMI connector-end to your HDMI-compatible TV, and you-Feetll be enjoying your videos on your HDTV in a matter of seconds.

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Just a picture. Of the camera that's very nearly mine. Oh, did I tell you guys that story? Heheheheh. WELLLLL, so I was stealing my brother's Canon (EOS Rebel XSi ;D) nearly every day to take pictures, and thennnn, I dropped it and cracked the filter :l And eventually he found out and he's stupid and convinced that the whole thing is broken, so he's making me buy it from him, which I'm not mad about 'cause I want it anyway(: I've paid half of what I owe him already, so the camera's half mine! But I'm still not supposed to use it, technically, so I still have to be sneaky and steal it from his room xD Sooo, as soon as I save up enough for the other half she'll be mine fo reals(: I've been trying to come up with names for her; what do you think of Ellie? I like it. A lot. Work was crazy this morning. One of the waittresses completely flipped out on another one and people were screaming and crying and it was terrible. I've only been working there a week, so I just kind of stayed in the corner and tried not to get involved. D: I hope it's not always like that... OH AND, I've been thinking lately that I should make a video. ' guys have never heard my voice, and maybe you should see how awkward I am. :D Good idea? No? Yeah? COOL. Expect one this week! <3
"Take A Picture Of Me...Take A Picture Of Me!"
"Take A Picture Of Me...Take A Picture Of Me!"
So I'm in downtown Cocoa Beach trying to get some late afternoon shots of an abandoned bank building. The sun is setting and I'm losing light fast when this guy comes zooming up on his scooter. He starts firing off questions: "Hey buddy, whatcha doing?... Whatcha taking a picture of?...Take a picture of me, take a picture of me!" I figure if I take a shot of him he'll go away and besides his scooter is rather unique and he's an interesting looking character. As I fire off a shot he flips the finger. Unfortunately, I'm now his best friend. As I try to grab some shots before I lose the light completely, he gets off his scooter and follows right behind me firing off more questions. He's not drunk and I'm trying to keep an eye on his hands to make sure he doesn't go for a weapon. I don't like weirdos standing behind me when I'm shooting. I just bought this camera a few months ago and I'd like to hang on to it for awhile. I'm annoyed as hell at this point because the light is going fast and I can't concentrate on shooting. He finally gets on his scooter and motors off. I'd bet a dollar to a donut he's never been on that surfboard.

does flip camera take pictures
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