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Best Price On Flip Video Camera

best price on flip video camera
    video camera
  • A video camera is a camera used for electronic motion picture acquisition, initially developed by the television industry but now common in other applications as well.
  • The modern CCTV video camera is available in both monochrome (black and white) and color. Cameras can be set in fixed-positions or placed on 'pan-and-tilt' devices that allow the camera to be moved up, down, left and right.
  • A camera for recording images on videotape or for transmitting them to a monitor screen
  • A camera that records onto digital or videotape.
    best price
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best price on flip video camera - Kingston DataTraveler
Kingston DataTraveler 108 8 GB Flash Drive DT108/8GBZ
Kingston DataTraveler 108 8 GB Flash Drive DT108/8GBZ
Kingston's new DataTraveler 108 USB Flash drive is small and slim enough to fit anywhere while protecting your data. Its capless design features a USB plug protected by an aluminum cover that flips when you need to access your data. And its handy key loop lets users transform this stylish drive into a fashion accessory with the use of a lanyard. DataTraveler 108 comes with urDrive1 preloaded software that gives you a new and exciting way to look at your data. When you launch the software, the urDrive interface pops up like a desktop for your USB drive. It features drag-and-drop and double-click capabilities to help organize all of your files, photos, videos, music and more. Easy to use, it includes a built-in Photo Viewer and MP3 player plus a 2GB online backup account to keep your important files secure in the cloud.

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College Park Trails
College Park Trails
[BB9550 ] ...the proper foreground exposure, but the sky is beyond "disaster" I think even my D70 would screw this up, with a nice pastel blue tint to the sky :) a scene that begs for a real HDR stack Now a shot like this I'd have to give credit to one of those new CMOS cameras with an electronic shutter, because otherwise to do this RIGHT you'd have to shoot it off a tripod or a rest. Problem is even then you can still get motion-blur if it's windy enough, so you really don't want to wait for the mirror to flip around and so forth. Just want two fast exposures as quickly as possible. Though sure with a 14-bit camera you can throw away a stop or two in a push but now you've just passed on a 14-16bit bracket for a 12-bit shot. Of course it could be a good 12 bit shot. So good you're saying "see how impressive a good shot is of a mundane subject?". I don't know about you but when I go out shooting I'm not looking for a prize-winning subject. Just a decent, pleasing, soothing relaxing yet somewhat-interesting subject. And likewise I want to get a decent shot. The BB9550 is not giving me even an adequate shot here and with no way to adjust the exposure (yet) there's not even a chance of getting one. However, if I were to spend more money on the camera and lens much less one that doesn't fit in my pocket, I would want it to do what the BB9550 can't do in terms of producing a good shot of this scene. Then overall I would know that since the BB9550 can't take good shots of scenes like this (with about a 2:1 mix of dark foreground and bright sky, and you can see the blown-out sky right on the phone even before you take the picture) but it *is* decent on shots with either too much or not enough sky to let the AE blow out the sky and horribly-degrade the shot, I could use the BB9550 to take such shots with confidence and only dig out the "better" camera for the relatively-few shots that the BB9550 can't handle well, that I just "need to take". Plus that camera could be something stupid like an SX130, as long as it allows me to exposure-bracket and shoot "with adequate fine-detail, speed, noise and color". it doesn't have to give me a "great" shot with one exposure, or even an exposure-bracket. It just has to allow me *to* exposure-bracket at least by hand. 2 shots 1 to 2eV apart will usually do the trick. Again we are a long way from anything over $300 including the lens, just to take good landscape shots. I'd say the same for video. And soon it will be true also for high FPS even at full resolution. The only thing that high-priced gear can really give me that is really worth the money is high SNR and CS, 30dB and 22bits/channel and up. And even that is of debatable worth. So we are still talking about carrying a cellphone-camera and a dedicated camera. But the dedicated camera will clearly be shot even less than it would even if it were my only camera, and it need not be such a great camera for several reasons, now. So as contenders we have say the SX130, the CoolPix 9100, the A700/Tamron 18-250, the 500si/Tamron 28-300 and the A850/Tamron 28-300, say. Considering that it would be an odyssey to get raw out of the 9100 and an odyssey of a different sort to even *get* an A850 while the A700 would still be a major trip not to mention a Tamron 18-250 and filter (talking at least a grand for a decent pair even on eBay), the SX130 is really the only sensible option at this point: $100 on eBay, I can get raw out of it, it has a 28-330mm effective lens with IS, and some reasonable exposure-control. And it's slightly bigger than my cell-phone. Effective photographically, small and light enough to throw in my bag and carry without a problem but not expensive enough to bother me to let it sit in my bag or at home unused most of the time that I have it. Plus it gives me a zoom capability if I really need it, which is rare for the type of shots that I usually take. The 500si/Tamron 28-300 option has its benefits (it's dirt-cheap and I already own it plus the battery-life is far higher than with the SX130, and I can easily carry a few rolls of film with it) but it's significantly bigger than the SX130 and thus somewhat more of a pain in the ass to carry. I'm not carrying around an SLR and superzoom all the time even when I have my backpack on me, though I will happily take it with me on road-trips. Of course this would mean going back to shooting a CCD Canon point & shoot again after at least a year of trying to get away from that in the pursuit of realistic color. But by the same token, it's neither film, a film SLR & lens, nor a cellphone. It fits somewhere in the gap in between, like fish between fowl and beef. Really more like a pair of lockjaw pliers between a box-wrench and a socket-wrench. I prefer the BB9550 for ease of use and decent color, and film in the 500si/Tamron 28-300 for...low cost, ease of use and decent color. I would just hav
51W7FPPA4ML. AA280
51W7FPPA4ML. AA280
58 of 65 people found the following review helpful: Wall crawling success, April 22, 2002 By "bmcgee78" (Charlottesville, Virginia United States) - See all my reviews Nothing bothers me more than people who write a review on something they've never played or seen just because they like the franchise or they "think" it will be cool. At least wait untill you experience it before you go hyping it up to levels it can't possibly reach and leaves others dissappointed because "all these people were raving that it was going to be the best thing since sliced bread." Sorry. had to get that out. Now, on with the review: You play the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, the hyphen is there because this game is based on the upcomming May 3 theatrical release of Spider-Man. Being as how the movie is in the future and I don't want to pretend that I can see that far, I don't know how close the game sticks to the movie plot. However, from what I can tell the voice actors are the same as the movie. ie William DeFoe portrays Harry Osborne aka the Green Goblin, Kirsten Dunst portrays Mary Jane, Peter/Spidey's love interest, (although it's hard to tell if it's actually her because her voice is not all that distinctive, no offence Kirsten.) And what sounds like Tobey MacGuire playing the webhead himself. One of the cool aspects of this game is that if you played the previous Playstation 1 version of the game, you can opt to use the same control style. Or you can used the advanced control style which I'd recommend. (but why should you listen to me? It's your world- Bob Ross) The controls take some time to get used to mainly due to the frustrating camera. You have control of the camera using the right analog stick but sometimes it's frustrating if you need to turn around and all you see is Spidey's face, not what's actually behind you until you tap the stick down to recenter the camera behind you. I'm going to take this time to delve into something that I thought was the games best selling point and made it the most fun. Aerial combat. While it was possible to swing around and attack in the air in the first game, this game takes it to an all new level. There are a few levels based solely on attacking spider hunters that fly through the air high above the city and you must flip and twist and swing through the air to defeat them. In one level, you are battling with the green goblin through the air as he zips along hurling pumpkin bombs at you. At one point, and I don't know how I did it but it was the coolest thing I've ever seen, I landed on Goblins air rider thing and started hamering him with my fists in the head until he got upset and took a sharp turn while flinging me off. Now, during these aerial battles, you can land on any one of the numerous buildings if you need a break and there are helth icons all over the place. But these environments definitely upped the replay value of this game for me. There are tons of secrets throughout this game and I refuse to use any cheats until I've at least beaten the game once. However, I did come accross something and I don't know if it's true or not that once you beat the game on hero, you can play through as the goblin. Don't quote me but it might be pretty cool. The nitty gritty- Graphics: 4.5 The graphics were a little overplayed by those people who hype things up and say that there will be nothing better but they are nonetheless pretty cool. You can see the cars moving around down on the streets from 70 stories up. Spideys new outfit based on the movie has metalic web outlines which shine in certain lighting. The FMV (full motion video ie Final Fantasy) looks very good and the characters look like the actors who portray them in the movie. Nice touch. Sound: 4.5 The sound is good don't get me wrong but there are a couple of times when (Tobey?) sounds bored. He could have used a little more inflection in his voice but that's nothing to get too upset over. The guy who narrates the training is a hoot. At one point he says he's going to get a ham sandwhich and the next time you hear him he's definitly chewing on something. Controls: 5 It's hard to argue with a game that allows you to customize your control issues. If you prefer the old style, use em. But the advanced allows for many of the new improved actions to be performed easily once you get the hang of it. Gameplay: 5++ Definitly the selling point of the game. (after the movie, the franchise, all those people hyping it up, and the fact that it is a cool game) You really feel as though you are granted great powers and responsibility yada yada. Seriously, you feel as though you are actually Spider-Man. If you enjoyed the first game, you will not be let down in the least. BTW, for those of you who thought the first game was a little too cartoony or childish, this game isn't. It starts off telling about ****SMALL SPOILER**** Uncle Bens death and you must track down his killer to avenge him. T

best price on flip video camera
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