Teaching Styles

Teaching methods used within the workshops

All the workshops are amazingly

Learning through physical
interaction is a great part of the learning activities.



Learning through music and rhythm is incorporated in many of the workshops,

using music for dance and 'creating' music to integrate the learning experience.

and communication 
Written and spoken information,
using flash cards and eliciting answers
from participants encourages great communication and sharing.
This is greatly used within the
Beatbox workshops

Intrapersonal and
Interpersonal learning

Encouraging participants to activate their own initiative in
practising tasks independently, in
pairs or as a whole group.
The workshops offer the people the
freedom to experience leadership roles, following each other instead of myself.

Each participant is offered the space to share their new skills within the
support of the group.
Often the ones with more talent in the subject are more confident to share first.
The less confident ones may become inspired
to share when they feel comfortable.
 With these teaching styles, the workshops encourage an 'all inclusive' ethos.

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