Glass Copper Trees

Creating in Glass and Copper Wire  

This tree can be made by a student 
in about 12 hours.
The leaves are made from chipped
glass bottles (created using a safe
The copper wire will cost about £4.50
(for this size) as it is specifically designed
for craft uses.     
Workshops can range from two hours to weekly classes lasting 6 months
Ages 10- adult in small or large groups.   
The Workshops open with an introduction
to the process of wire tree making, with examples of my own wire trees.
Students gain an understanding of the
making process and invent what style of
tree they would like to make.
As a group, students will experience processes of wire tree making, helping
each other develop at the same pace, creating
their own ideas and styles.
By the end of the workshop(s) students will have a beautiful tree of their own creation and hopefully be inspired to create more trees and use their new skill in future situations. 
 This is a very interesting and meditative craft.
One can spend joyous time with friends or alone,
twisting away, creating a wire tree completely of
their own style and beauty.
I was taught how to make wire trees when I was about
9 by my uncle.
I remember being so amazed by the beauty of them,
I really wanted to be able to do it myself.


'It may take some time to really harness this skill, yet what is created is always something beautiful and unique in itself.'

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